1. Drawn by Booth and they’re sitting an booth, ha ha!

    Oh, that wasn’t it?

    I don’t know if handwriting analysis is as much of a thing as it used to be, but it did use to be a thing, especially in hiring. And document detective work, where it could be used to establish or refute autograph authorship claims.
    So, in this comic, she is treating the marital relationship as though it were like establishing an identity.

  2. That cantilevered projection out of the front of his face looks like a nose, but the mustache hanging on his glasses seems to prove that it must be his chin. Either way, my eyes are having the same trouble parsing the image as with the “meathead” drawing back in May.
    P.S. The name of the establishment seems like a missed opportunity. I was expecting something a little more meaningful (and/or funnier) than “Café Arnatts“. At least he got the accent right.

  3. I was amused that handwriting analysis was the only (or at least simplest) way to detect that he was an imposter; or that she went there instead of wondering what caused his handwriting to change.

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