1. His top priority was making it out of the desert. So, even though he’s just burst into flames, that doesn’t change the situation.

  2. I’m with Kilby that his priority is to find water. But you know what else is often used to put out fires? Sand.

  3. Clever idea, DemetriosX — but does that look like loose sand? I think I see scrub growth, which would be from some kind of packed earth more likely than loose sand.

  4. Going along with the general sentiment, clearly he had a top priority prior to bursting into flames. Whether that was water or just getting out of the desert, it remained unchanged when he did burst into flames. There are few priorities in life that remain a top priority when you burst into flames, hence the joke.

  5. True, true… but did anyone else notice the sun? A near perfectly drawn circle with pleasantly symmetric rays! Eight long and eight short. I used to doddle these in my elementary math books. It’s difficult to get them so near perfect free hand.

  6. I had a geometry teacher in high school who had perfected the art of drawing near perfect freehand circles on the blackboard — he used his forearm as a sort of compass, pivoting it around his elbow. It was very impressive, especially because he could do it so casually, and the result was just about as good as those done by an actual compass, which other teachers used.

  7. I’m reading it as a political comment, in the sense of a politician who won’t change their priorities in face of a new crisis.

  8. larK and with an arm as a compass one does not have about the student seated behind one sticking the point of the compass into one’s back. (Actually happened in my high school.)

  9. lark, you can do the same thing with the outside edge of your hand, moving the paper around in a circle. Try it.

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