1. “It was clearly too much to hope that the emperor’s new clothes would wear out, but I had some hope that they would go out of fashion.”

  2. “Just look at his rough, chapped hands!”

    I’m now wondering why a nippleless breast is more of an Arlo than a naked behind.

  3. Kilby, what I meant was I couldn’t search until I was back at my computer.

    I use Image Search so often that when I type “I” into my browser, it comes right up.

  4. “I’m now wondering why a nippleless breast is more of an Arlo than a naked behind.”

    In 1974, there was a made-for-TV movie (Mrs. Sundance) which showed naked buttocks… of a man. I doubt the same shot of a woman would have been allowed. Yes, it was surprising enough that I remember it from ~45 years ago.

  5. “I’m now wondering why a nippleless breast is more of an Arlo than a naked behind.”

    Because it’s all subjective.

    A few weeks ago I posted a comic on CIDU that I’d already posted a few months earlier on the Arlo Page (and forgot).

  6. @ Bill – Even if it’s just your phone, you still had to have the URL, which you could then pump into the image search. It’s not as if your phone is doing the searching.

  7. “Sigh, everyone is going to assume this cartoon is about the naked guy, aren’t they? No-one’s going to notice that the wolfman, are they?”

    “P.S. @ Bill – A reverse image search will give you a link to The New Yorker page (14-Dec-2017).”

    Well, *that* was a disappointment!

  8. @ w00zy – “…New Yorker page (14-Dec-2017) … that was a disappointment!”
    The woman (on the left) is looking down there, and seems equally disappointed.

  9. Sorry, gang. I think the original caption is the best so far.

    CIDUBill, I think Kilby’s confusion stems from the fact that images.google.com should work fine from your phone’s browser. You can either copy the image’s URL from the page where you saw it (and paste into the images.google.com search box) or you can upload the copy you saved to your phone’s memory.

  10. I second the appreciation for both those callbacks!

    The pattern with contrastive stress in “Did she dress him today?” brings back for me the amazingly effective trick driving the plot of “The Conversation” (1974, directed by Coppola between The Godfather and The Godfather Part II).

    Spoiler for The Conversation

    “He’d kill us if he got the chance.” — So let’s try to escape and protect ourselves, not give him the chance.

    He’d kill us if he got the chance.” — So let’s us pre-emptively kill him instead, turnabout’s fair play, even as prolepsis.

  11. >Sorry, gang. I think the original caption is the best so far.

    Um…. you’re kidding?

    >I would go with
    #1) original

    Um…. you’re kidding?

    I’d go with

    #346) “They say baby kale is a good source of potassium”
    #897) “And in particular he discussed the kinds of participation that each of those forms encouraged – writing that film was a hot medium that didn’t require the viewer to make much of the meaning themselves, and forcing it on them instead”

    ANd somewhere in the low thousands I’d consider the original caption.

  12. woozy: I also like the original caption best. I’ll pre-emptively say that I’m not kidding.

    Humor is subjective. Go figure.

  13. “Unfortunately, we’re not on the internet, so EVERYONE knows he’s a naked emperor.”

  14. The only thing I call thing of is we’re still supposed to be surprised to see a comic caption to blatantly say “penis”. But really… can anyone still be surprised by that? Otherwise

    “I’m starting to think the Emperor knows he’s not wearing any clothes, he just wants us all to see him naked”

    is funny…… why? At any rate, I’d say all the suggested captions (except mine) were significantly funnier.

  15. Would it be funnier is the caption said “want to see his wee-wee”? Discuss.

    You have thirty minutes, then pencils down and turn in your blue books. Begin!

    “Uh, no.”

    Well, *that* didn’t take thirty mintues, did it?

  16. Speaking of reader captions, cartoonist Lennie Peterson does The Big Picture. Originally this was a regular syndicated strip that ran in newspapers and GoComics (or whatever it was in those days, UComics or something). Then he gave it up for a long time, then started doing it again as a web-toon.

    Recently, he’s been too busy, so he ran some sketches he had around and said that readers would need to make up their own captions. Which they did. He then picked some that he liked and finished the comics with those.

    It started here: https://www.gocomics.com/thebigpicture/2020/08/27

  17. The impression I had from the original caption was that the cartoonist had a naughty word he wanted to use, and wrote the comic around it. It just felt like a cheap joke.

    Now I’m curious as to what kind of punchline Mr. Partch might have come up with.

  18. Well I have to go with the classic New Yorker caption, as mentioned by Olivier above. It takes on new levels of meaning with this particular comic.

  19. Just to throw in an extra two cents, I thought almost every caption provided here was better than the original. Well done, everyone.

    I especially liked Kilby @ SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 AT 9:55 PM. Nice one.

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