1. All of the (sweet?) potatoes are just the root (or tuber), except the one on our left which has a wild growth of stems and leaves. I guess that’s the one who hasn’t taken to self-trimming.

  2. sticking toothpicks into avacoda pits or potatoes and putting them in a dish of water is an old standard desktop houseplant on the cheap. If it works (it never did for me) one can get a rather sprouty hairy thing (I honestly never saw the point; even if it *did* work you’d end up with an ugly plant– but I think the idea is it was supposed to be gardening for people with black thumbs).

    So the cartoonist thought such a plant would look like a guy who just let has hair grow out unkempt. And those would be an analog to the hair dresser in covid dilemna. Some people worry and do nothing, some make appointments where the hairdresser wears a mask and fusses with temperatures and works out doors with minimal contact, some live in counties that just ignore the issue altogether, …. and some just let their hair grow long.

    So this is those plants making an analogy of the issue…..

    which doesn’t work because *all* plants want to grow and *no* plants actually keep themselves well-kempt.

  3. What are these things that someone has apparently set out deliberately to sprout? Yeah, it’s a can’t get a haircut during lockdown joke, but it’s so badly drawn all I can focus on is wondering what those are supposed to be.

  4. “What are these things that someone has apparently set out deliberately to sprout? ”

    They look like potatoes to me.

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