1. The guest is in quick sand, therefore, he only had time to answer one more “quick” question.

  2. The guy sitting in the chair is just the moderator. The guest of honor (who has been answering the questions) is the one sinking into the quicksand. It was already nasty enough even before I noticed the “Schadenfreude” facial expressions in the audience. It sort of reminds me of Gahan Wilson, except that Wilson’s creepiness didn’t usually include evil glee.

  3. I probably would not have bothered with the long paragraph if L.F.’s comment had been visible when I started writing. He even picked up on the “quick” pun, which I completely missed on my first reading.

  4. No, your paragraph elaborated on the situation nicely. I especially like the word “Schadenfreude”.

  5. @ Shrug – I sure wish that I had not looked that link up. Truly nasty, I wish I had paid more attention and taken that word as a warning.

  6. @ CIDU Bill – After seeing a note about “Heart of the City” in another thread makes me wonder why this thread is tagged “Steenz”. Is there a relationship, or was that just an errant click?

  7. My favorite Wilson cartoon involves evil glee. An exterminator in coveralls is crawling on the floor, smacking cockroaches with a hammer and grinning demonically. A sweet old lady looks on and says “It’s nice to see a man who enjoys his work.”

  8. @ Kilby – “He even picked up on the “quick” pun”

    There are two “quick” puns, at a pinch. Quick as in quicksand, but also quick as in “the quick and the dead” – ie there is time for one more question while the answerer is still alive.

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