1. Presumably, Sir Greenglove “cut the cheese.” Who knows whether it stinks to the dragon’s delicate senses or, as the case would be with two people in a group, Sir G is afraid that the dragon thinks that he (the dragon) will be blamed for it. It’s too silly to spend more time on.

  2. The knight wears a mask, and explains to the dragon there is nothing wrong with the dragon’s breath.

  3. My first impression was that this was based on some sort of incompetent millennial relationship meme, but looking again, I’ve decided that the coloration on his hand and face is intentional: it’s not a helmet, it’s a face mask, and the glove is latex, not armor. He’s wearing them to avoid infecting the dragon with Covid-19, and apologizing for the necessity.
    P.S. I know there have been some cases reported among cats, ferrets, and dogs, but I don’t think that reptiles are susceptible.

  4. It probably is a covid-mask-breath-smell joke – though when I first saw it before noticing the mask and gloves and seeing the comments I thought it was more along the lines of St George, if it is he (patron saint of Georgia, England, Beirut and sundried other places) apologising that he has to kill the dragon not for anything bad the dragon might have done but because of the cultural imperatives on him (St George, a brave and fearless khernyggyt) to kill frightening alien creatures he and his culture do not understand. It’s not your/drangonkind’s fault, it’s mine/my society’s fault that I have to kill you; I get that, but I am still going to do it and perhaps feel bad about it.

  5. To display the latex glove seems to necessitate the shield and sword being held in one hand. Seems awkward…

  6. Anyway, George is lying: what would he care about the dragon catching the virus? He’s going to disembowel it with his sword. He just doesn’t want to be contaminated by the dragon, is all.

  7. @Olivier – Nah, he’s just wearing it because he’s not going to be able to physically distance at the celebration afterwards. It’s like when you see people walking on the path, wearing their mask so that they don’t have to put it on at their destination.

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