1. I had the hardest time making out Tarzan’s face at first. Then I realized that the circle on the left is the nose and his eyes are covered. I was trying to reconcile the ‘blank’ face.

  2. At least Tarzan doesn’t have to work as hard these days. He used to have to inventory his own bananas, but now, as with so many other things, there’s an ape for that.

  3. In any case, I think “lord of” is out of place. Possibly “king of” would have been correct in somebody’s iteration.

  4. OK, thanks, I just wasn’t aware of that. I thought he was mostly “Tarzan of the apes” with no title, or sometimes “Tarzan, king of the Apes / Jungle”. Live and learn.

  5. Yes, Tarzan’s real name was John Clayton, Lord Greystoke.

    And before anyone asks, the reason he doesn’t have a beard is because he learned to shave (using his father’s knife) while growing up among the Great Apes, and teaching himself to read English by going through the picture books in said late father’s cabin. (He realized the smooth-skinned people in the books did not have hair on their faces, unlike the apes among whom he lived — and though he was friendly with many apes and loved his foster mother Kala, he wanted to emulate the images in the books more.)

    Rant mode on:

    There’s a whole couple of pages devoted to shaving in the first novel, which makes me shake my head at the lazy humorists who think it’s a mystery. (It IS admittedly gawdawful improbable, like everything else in the book, but ERB *does* provide a figleaf of an explanation, so any clown who thinks that’s unexplained and something they were clever to notice just shows s/he didn’t do step one of research, namely RTFM.)

    Rant mode off.

  6. Without SingaporeBill’s information, I would never have guessed that “ringworm” would turn out to be a fungal infection.
    P.S. @ Bill – Please delete the moderated comment (with the typo in the address).

  7. There are fungal diaper rashes. My sister had to use disposable diapers 24/7 for a while because the doctor was worried about one. The impression I got from her and from the friend who had to use an anti-fungal cream is that if it’s really bad & persistent than they’ll check for a fungal one. (The diaper switch didn’t seem to help my niece, and my sister switched back after a month, because why put up with that bother if it doesn’t do anything? So I suspect that they don’t have tests, it’s just “if this treatment works, it was fungal”)

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