1. Some time recently, didn’t we see it on the luggage carousel? That would be after the experience here told him it’s better to just let the airline employees deal with stowing and retrieving stuff.

  2. It was the same day: When there’s insufficient room in the plane for carry-ons, the flight attendants can ask you to check your item with the regular luggage.

  3. Thanks, @CIDUBill. I once had a large suitcase fall from the bin onto my head, and you brought back that wonderful experience. (It wasn’t even my own case.)

  4. No middle seat? Must be business or first class. I say let them have a boulder crash on their heads the rich jerks!

  5. Some smaller planes used by regional carriers have a 2×2 or a 2×1 configuration. We used to get those going to and from Philadelphia a lot on American Eagle.

  6. I think I favor TedD’s theory. He was a king, after all: he ought to have at least enough cash for business class. On the other hand, he should also have been able to pay the fee for an extra piece of luggage.

  7. I thought airlines didn’t take cash (or jewels or gold ingots or whatever), and I suspect ancient Greek kings don’t have modern credit cards, so the next question is how Sisyphus got on the flight at all. Maybe the ruler of the underworld decided King S. was getting too comfortable with the usual gig, and word was out that air travel today is a newer and uglier form of hell, so Hades arranged an “upgrade” for him.

  8. Looks like when I try to shove a bag of clothes or shoes into a cubby over the bed in our tiny RV (Converted Chevy Express van).

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