1. I’m more curious about what is meant by “…indulge in our first consummation“. I really don’t see how they could do that a second time. Besides that, before Mr. Peanutbutter points the figure of shame, he should unscrew his own lid to prove his innocence:

  2. P.S. I don’t remember seeing this one before, but this is not the first time I’ve completely forgotten a PBF strip. It turned out to be PBF #227, the magic word needed to find it in the archive was “preserves”. Apparently the PBF website only indexes titles, not dialog.

  3. I’m with Arthur. Before the seal is broken, the button lies completely flat. After its broken you can push the button down and it pops back up. More of a click than a pop, but let’s not quibble.

  4. It’s all about the quibble, Pete. If she were to pop, that’s all good. But if she’s clicking, well he might be eating someone else’s marmalade. So it makes a difference. If it had been “click” there would be no problem.

  5. Arthur is correct but it is very far from clear. The most obvious interpretation is the exact opposite that he just broke the seal and she was “pure” until then which makes the strip incomprehensible.

  6. The strip makes perfect sense to me. Even if he deflowers her, once she is no longer virginal he’s repulsed.

    I mean, that attitude doesn’t make sense, but it’s real for some people.

  7. People have referred to Arthur… am I missing something? I don’t see a comment by Arthur, and I have tried on Firefox, Chrome and Safari on my laptop. And tried my phone too.

  8. I had a comment here. It was originally before what’s currently first. It spent no time in moderation. Apparently WordPress is doing weird things retroactively.

  9. To approximate what I said: He didn’t twist the lid to open it. He’s clearly pushing down on it. If the button has popped up, that will make a popping noise going down and again coming back up. If the seal had never been broken, it’ll be silent.

  10. I saw that comment from Arthur @1 earlier today. I don’t see it now, though, even if I click on Arthur’s link from 4:19 PM.

  11. Bill can chime in on whether this discussion should be moved to Random Comments, but in the meantime….

    I notice that this post and the next one have a “-2” at the ends of their URLs. None of the others (at least on page one) have that. Suspicious minds suspect something odd.

  12. I saw Arthur’s original comment too, that’s why my comment started out with “ I’m more curious…”
    P.S. Even if you manually remove the “-2” from either of those URLs (to go back to the “original” pages), wordpress redirects the browser to the URL with the “-2” put back in.

  13. I’m pretty sure the Calvin and Hobbes comment was something like comment four, five, or six before…..

  14. @ MiB – Unfortunately, the 14th century already shared that preoccupation (in a most promiscuous manner) with all the other centuries, up to and including the 20th, and in many cultures with the 21st as well.

  15. I think w00zy is right, mine was #4. Arthur’s original comment was first, the came two quippy one-liners, but I don’t remember what they said, or who posted them.

  16. @ Powers – If we did, then it was before the GoDaddy meltdown. It doesn’t show up in any of the posts when you click on the PBF tag.

  17. Kilby –
    Robert must think like Calvin. I have been peanut butter (no jelly ever) sandwiches for lunch daily (somewhere past 100 in a row by now) since we have been staying home. I, myself, lift the inner seal on one seal and leave it attached until I have gotten too far into the jar to be able to reach the pb any longer with the seal in place, (Robert ordered me 2-48 oz cars of pb from BJs the time we tried ordering from them, plus what I had in the house and 2 more 40 oz jars later ordered from Walmart. It brings me back to childhood as every day I had half a pb sandwich, no crusts, for lunch in school from 1st through 8th grade.)

    To me – grilled (toasted) cheese sandwiches are cut on a diagonal, cream cheese and jelly sandwiches are cut vertically and pb sandwiches are always cut vertically.

    He can’t wait until he feels comfortable enough for us to return to Wendys lunch daily (boo, hiss, peanut butter is so much better).

  18. Does this even come close to reflecting anybody’s reality? I have made A LOT of kids’ sandwiches over the years, and nobody’s ever even asked me to do anything like this.

  19. @ Bill – It is (of course) exaggerated for comic effect, but in the course of making sandwiches for my own (and other) kids, I think I’ve encountered every one of those selection preferences, although probably never more than two of them in any one instance.

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