1. I think mid-February is too early for a Covid joke. Maybe it’s just an explanation of why his cat is so different from all other cats.

    My first thought had been that this was the first installment of a series, but the next ones (and the previous one) don’t seem to have any connection.

  2. I thought the plot was something like “mysterious spacefaring feline travels a bazillion light years to take a dump in Liō’s flower beds.”

  3. 1) Its a geezer reference if its something only known to geezers because everyone else is too young to have experienced. It’s not a geezer reference its something that was totally obscure and unknown to anyone in its own time.

    2) I suppose I have a loosing battle that puns like “Supurr” which are obvious and impossible to not predict and which it is a given that *no-one* will actually find funny, are not worth making. [I honestly don’t understand why people not only make them but seem to assume they are *required*]. But for goodness sake, ufos are NOT super-natural. Ghosts are supernatural. UFOs are science-fiction.

    3) I was tongue cheek about the Covid joke. And I thought the point was Lio’s cat was *exactly* like other cats.

    4) Cats being aliens has long been a joke and basis of short stories.

  4. I want to say “Something involving hairballs”? but that’s as far as I can get…

  5. “Pomp and Circumstance” played in my head when I saw the last panel.

    Not that it helps anything.

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