1. @ zbicyclist – Forgetting this one would not be difficult, it’s not that funny, and it was originally published a dozen years ago. According to Wikipedia, Conley hasn’t bothered to write any new daily strips since 2013.

  2. On rec.arts.comics.strips there is (or was I quit reading) a guy who would constantly complain about Get Fuzzy being in reruns and call for Conley to kill the strip. Apparently the occasional Sunday strip is still new.

  3. The last time Conley produced new material on consecutive Sundays was Sept./Oct. 2018. After that, there was exactly one new strip per month, with the last one appearing on March 31st, 2019. The reruns aren’t even synchronized: current Sundays are from 2007, dailies are from 2008. This is not exactly the best way to encourage newspapers to continue printing the strip.

  4. The discrepancy between Sunday/daily strips is probably indicative of the number of new Sunday strips since the dailies stopped.

  5. @ Olivier – That would be an excellent solution, but the numbers don’t add up. The current offset (from yesterday to today) is less than I thought, it jumps from Sun-23-Dec-2007 to Fri-18-Apr-2008, which would represent only 16 or 17 inserted Sundays. Since the daily strips started recycling in 2013, there must be something else going on. We all know that GoComics doesn’t pay any attention to the sequence or content of re-runs, so the mismatch may not be Conley’s fault at all.

  6. The problen is how long had the strip been running when it went into reruns, and how many reruns cycles we’ve been through. The Sunday cycle is longer than the daily but maybe the dailies had gone through more than one rerun cycle when the Sunday strips themselves went into reruns.

  7. @ Olivier – Actually, the primary lesson that I learned by looking through all those Sunday strips is that I have absolutely no interest in reading any more of them.

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