1. Dude’s in Hell, but he has his smartphone. He was trying to get connected so he did not notice the demon at the desk wanting to check him in as he was distracted. This being Hell, he will spend eternity with just one bar flickering on and off and web pages that constantly hang. But all his spam gets through. the email filter.

  2. Not paying attention to his surroundings because he is so engaged in his phone, Jason has only just noticed that he is past the Admissions desk in Hell.

  3. Yes, but this is clearly not that Jason.

    SingaporeBill’s conjecture is certainly something we could extrapolate, but absolutely none of it is in the comic. Surely the joke doesn’t require us to make all those assumptions?

  4. Jason was on his smartphone and didn’t notice the thing that killed him, and now he’s in hell puzzled as to how he got there.

  5. Yes, I think Max C. Webster, III is right. The chap possibly stepped off a pavement into the flow of traffic while not paying attention to the world around him, and stopped the flow temporarily and his earthly sojourn permanently.

  6. One common complaint from people who work in service/retail is about customers who ignore them to focus on their cell phones. The worker will try to get the customer to swipe their credit card/fill out a form/etc. . ., and be continuously ignored as the customer keeps looking at their phone. It’s not a good idea to do this to the person in charge of deciding how you’re going to be tortured for all eternity.

  7. My first thought was what Max C. Webster thought (which I assume meant the same thing that Singapore Bill said) but now I I think it’s what Winter Wallaby said.

  8. Winter Wallaby beat me to it — and phrased it better than I had in my mind. He’s going to the seventh ring of hell.

  9. I agree with Winter Wallaby. I don’t think his manner of death is relevant. He’s just a rude customer in a situation where that’s a really bad idea.

  10. Robert had to go to an emergency dentist appointment this past Saturday – he broke his denture plate in half. I had called using my cell phone (why pay for outgoing calls on our home phone which has no minutes if the outgoing call is free on my cell phone) so they texted me forms he had to fill in. 99% of the texts I write and receive consist of me sending a text to Robert who is upstairs “ok” and he replies “ok” meaning dinner is ready and I’m coming down for dinner.

    I had to give him my cell phone so he could deal with the forms.

    So if I am ever on my phone while doing anything it means it is an emergency.

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