1. When it’s apple blossom time
    In Orange, New Jersey,
    We’ll make a peach of a pair! [pear]

  2. I’m sorry I can’t understand Korean.
    If you look for rousing tunes in French, why not try Mireille Mathieu ? For example ‘Paris en colère’.

  3. Kip Addotta used the “cantaloupe” pun in his comic recording “Life In The Slaw Lane”.

  4. Olivier, you can come to this side of the Atlantic for some bouncy French-Canadian pop. Though I understand the French think our version of French sounds like a chainsmoker with a mouth full of gravel.

  5. You probably know about ‘La loi de Murphy’, by Angèle. You have french-canadian, we have anglo-belgian: what a pot-pourri 😉.

  6. Maybe *you* can dance to it. Some of us have two left feet and a head that’s glued on a$$backward.

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