1. They got tired of losing kids to the clown in the sewer, so they put up a warning sign.

  2. I think “related to Stephen King’s ‘It'” is really all there is. It’s sort of amusing to think that in a world with Pennywise, the city would think it necessary/useful to put up a caution sign about balloons.

  3. The ‘red balloon on the sign’ is part of the story. Basically, it looks like Tatulli is finally making the transition away from ‘Coronavirus symbol’ jokes.

  4. My apologies if I already posted this in some other context…

    While I have no interest in listening to the audiobook version of a Stephen King novel, I love the graphic they used in the ad:

  5. The authorities were made aware that there is a danger from an evil clown. However, there are elements that are skeptical that the evil clown exists or, if he does exist, that he’s really that bad. So they’re taking a wait-and-see approach, rather than disrupting the street. And they don’t want to tell people to not walk on the street because rights. So they put up a sign so they could be seen to be doing something.

  6. On those occasions in which knowledge of a horrific book or movie is required in order to understand a particular comic, I’m perfectly happy to let the comic remain a CIDU.

  7. I am reminded of DANGEROUS INTERSECTION street signs and wonder why they don’t just fix the damn intersection. Easier to put up a sign, I guess.

  8. You put up a sign to try to avoid responsibility and evade paying damages when you are sued for allowing a danger to persist. Because, as Grawlix and BiSTL point out, cheaper and easier.

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