1. @Mitch4 That has to be the most passive crowd at a rock concert ever. I’ve seen other French concerts in this time and at least some of the crowd really gets into it but this is beyond laid back. Of course, Van Morrison is about the least charismatic lead singer so that doesn’t help. That guy on guitar – is he imitating Townshend or, maybe, it’s the other way around. I understand that Them would often play this song for more than twenty minutes and the lyrics could change, maybe not as much as Jim Morrison did with the Doors. Now they had a version!

  2. Do you have any idea how many songs named “Gloria” there are, not even counting Vivaldi, Poulenc and every Mass setting?

  3. Brian gave the right response about St. Louis. With it being so close to the anniversary and all I figured it must have been a Blues fan.

  4. I always considered this song to be a quintessential 1980’s song. It wasn’t until the 2010s that I discovered that this song came out in 1979. A 70s song! Well, you can say it ushered in the 1980s, at least.

    (And yes, I know the popular English version came out in 1982, but I was also raised with the popular Italian version that came out in ’79.)

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