1. For panel 2, Google Translate gives “Without wanting to shave my mustache” .

    When I’ve decided to reshape my beard, sometimes I forget and shave the peripheral whiskers I intended for the expansion. So I think I get his point. But there is of course also a joke that he is young and whiskers are sparse.

  2. Shaving implies being grown up. But he’s old enough to work in the auto store, odd he doesn’t have to shave yet.

  3. I know a guy in his mid-20s who doesn’t have to shave on anything like a regular basis.

    I don’t think he ever pretend-shaves like Baldo, though. That’s just weird.

  4. He’s shaving because that’s what late teenagers do. Why is he doing it if he wanted to keep his single whisker? THAT’S THE JOKE.

  5. I was reminded CTRL-Z was the short cut for undo in a bunch of programs plus a funny cartoon. What more can you ask?

  6. He’s not being stupid. He’s making light of the situation. I saw a post on Facebook of a guy in his flooded yard with a bucket throwing water into his next door neighbor’s also flooded yard. It was clear to me that he was trying to be funny, yet there were plenty of “look at this idiot” type comments.

  7. “whisker” is such old fuddy duddy word for a teenager to say and it makes not sense as that’s the *entire* point of shaving.

    But “bigote” is spanish is perhaps more expressive a mustache hair?

    so is this strip written in spanish first and then translated to english? I do suspect it, all three, flows more naturally, makes more sense, is funnier in spanish.

  8. w00zy, I pretty much agree with you. He shaves regularly because it’s something he has started to do, and is age-appropriate. He was planning on growing out some facial hair, perhaps a moustache, but of course not a full-face beard (or he wouldn’t be shaving). But on accident he has removed some of the area he was trying to grow out.

  9. Woozy – yes, it’s Spanish first. Which, yes, leads to some odd language here and there (I believe there’s been some comics where the English joke was completely different because the Spanish one depended on some idiom that didn’t translate…)

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