1. She’s nude and, like Eve, wants a leaf. He’s suggesting that more than one might be more appropriate.

  2. In another thread we were talking about timing for updates. I know it didn’t take me 4 minutes to type my previous comment.

  3. It’s obvious what the other two leaves would be for, but the whole scenario just doesn’t seem to hold together. She sudden;y realized while she was walking her dog that she was naked?

  4. My proposed alternate captions:
    “How should I know? Just take ANY leaf and stop bugging me.”
    “Impressive disguise, Fred. Just one little detail …”
    “There’s a coincidence. Just last night, Mabel was saying I couldn’t take a hint too.”
    “I’m pretty sure you’re NOT having that dream again, Mrs. Jones.”
    “I tried it once. I really prefer keeping things in pockets.”
    “It’s that cold? I hadn’t noticed till now.”
    “On a day like this you should at least let Fluffy wear HIS coat.”
    “Spend the money and show up on a horse. Otherwise they’ll ignore you again.”
    “You look different. Don’t you usually wear glasses?”
    “Tall guy, dressed like you, no navel? He’s in back, cursing at my apple tree.”
    “Can’t help you. Doc says you’re a hallucination.”

  5. MinnorAnnoyance, you left off C W A A.

    I think it’s a COVID-19 joke. She is a nudist and is happy to be on display but she realizes she should be using a mask an she hopes to craft one from a leaf.

  6. This was LOL for me. I also viewed it as a take or swipe at the classical art that always left Eve’s breasts exposed while only covering her nether regions. This fellow assumes that a little more than that I want to be covered in today’s society.

  7. I see the nakedness as a red herring: he would like to get rid of ALL the leaves in his yard, not just the one.
    Because a gentleman does not notice, and even less comment on such a subject.

  8. Singapore, I don’t always know when you’re kidding, but anyhow I doubt it could be a covid19 joke as Partch must be long dead.

    (Or Corvid19 as my neighbor with a fear of blackbirds keeps writing.)

  9. Olivier, I do sort of see the guy exaggeratedly looking way up, even past her head, in perhaps an overdone display of politeness and not staring. But that might just be oddities of the drawing style.

  10. Those leaves look more like spiky holly leaves than anything else; a figgier leaf might have been better. Also, that line down her back looks more like a rumpled zipper than a backbone, so at first i didn’t even get she was naked.

  11. I take it as the absurdity of a casual conversation.

    A naked woman asks if you can spare a leaf he says yes and being polite asks if she wants more because he can spare them.

  12. I guess a callback to Eve with a fig leaf might be the earliest ‘Geezer’ reference.

  13. I hope MinorAnnoyance enters the New Yorker caption contest. All those captions are funnier than almost anything I see there.

  14. It’s a fall day… Partch is raking his leaves, trying desperately to come up with a cartoon idea… the hot neighbor he’s often fantasized about happens to walk by…

  15. Scott: I enter every week under my real name, and actually won once (Contest #660).

  16. This comic doesn’t work anymore since women now wearing skintight leggings and tops. I couldn’t tell she was nude. The line indicating her spine is the only real hint that she’s nude for modern readers.

  17. Charlie, if her leggings and top are that thin and tight, she should probably still be looking for some fig leaves.

    Anyway, she’s clearly barefoot.

    (“But… she could be wearing sheer stockings!”)

  18. Targuman –

    The reason that Eve’s breasts were not covered – and in other pictures, other women’s naked breasts might be shown is that in earlier times women would be breast feeding – even in public – and breasts were often seen in real life, even if partially covered by the baby’s head. They were considered to be the source of sustenance for the babies and less of a sexual matter than they are today.

    Women did not used to have to take their baby into a toilet if out in public and the baby needed to be fed. Babies could be fed in public Even in the 1940s this would still be done, by then with a discrete covering of the breast when out in public.

  19. @ Meryl A – Women can breast-feed in public without any problems in Germany, and probably in most of Europe. That silly paranoid hangup seems to be an American peculiarity.

  20. Kilby – only mentioned it as the reason that Eve’s are not covered, while her nether region is. (That should go past moderation – right?) It’s those darn “Puritans” that settled MA that leads to how we think about such things, I guess. 🙂

    My mom told me when I was young that when she was a girl women would breast feed in public by then one did not. It has been making a bit of a comeback.

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