1. If you find yourself at a tourist-trap version of the Famous Door County Fish Boil, try to get a look at the ingredients before they go in …

  2. If you live in the country, sometimes you have to shoot your cat, when it’s so sick it needs to be put down, or it’s been hit by a car and is too broken up to move but not broken up enough to die quickly, and the nearest vet is an hour away and closed until Monday morning.

  3. From the end of the linked article – for completeness:

    Update: At a May 25, 2005, meeting, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board declared they had decided not to pursue this measure further.

  4. I don’t understand why this needed to appear now (15 years after the fact). When I first saw it, I had a really sick feeling, but then I realized that I was confusing Wisconsin with Minnesota.

  5. I guess when you draw 46 different comics like Joe Martin does, you’re going to repeat weeks sometimes.

    But as I’ve said before — with annoying frequency — some individual strips should just have a “do not repeat” tag.

  6. Cheesehead here. This is a fight between the cat people and the bird people. Feral cats (and house cats allowed to roam free) kill a bird-crap-ton of wild birds every year. Each cat is like a little microwave tower. Many of the birders also own varmint guns, so if your cat is stalking a bird feeder, it might get the varmint treatment. The DNR is mostly on the side of the birders (since the cats are essentially an invasive species), but they’re not brave or foolish or well-funded enough to take on the cat people.

  7. For what it’s worth, I consider the anti-cat arguments to kind of not hold up if you dig into them far enough. They say cats kill more birds than any other species, and that cats are the biggest threat to birds other than habitat destruction.

    That’s kind of a big asterisk at the end there. Like, the only reason cats CAN kill birds in the numbers they do is because we destroy nesting places where they could keep away from cats. And the only reason that cats rack up such big numbers relative to other species is that we’ve endangered pretty much every other small predator in the niche. It seems to me that domestic cats kill such a disproportionate number of birds not because it’s an unsustainable number of birds to kill, but because bobcats, martins, weasels, and all the other animals which would be hunting birds have been so endangered.

  8. A more recent link which might have brought up the subject, in an article about a guy in Wisconsin:


    The article attributes to the head of the state Humane Society the statement that “laws in some states permit killing feral cats. Although Wisconsin law does not declare it legal, … it also does not prohibit it.” Not sure why Wisconsin is singled out in this controversy.

  9. Since the shutdown, when restaurants have not been (unintentionally, of course) feeding the rats, I’ve found two dead ones in my yard. Since I keep a feral cat colony, I’m not surprised they’re dead. :-))

    You start killing cats, be prepared for an invasion. One of my neighbors said he stopped feeding a big tom, and the next thing he knew, he had rats. He was here asking me how to get the tom back.

    Oh, and a big ‘right on!’ to ianosmond

  10. CIDU Bill: I guess you were just pulling our collective leg with that “46 different comics.” From what I can find, Martin has “Mister Boffo,” “Cats With Hands,” and “Willy ‘n Ethel,” and formerly “Porterfield,” “Tucker,” and “On the Edge.”

  11. The problem with housecats vs the predators they replace is that housecats have a very small territory, whereas the previous predators tended to roam over large territories, the upshot being that you used to have one bobcat over many acres killing birds, whereas now you have many, many housecats in those same acres that used to only have one bobcat. See:

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