1. Okay, let’s move directly to the inevitable off-topic discussion:

    I noticed Walt wearing glasses, which made me wonder… Do men generally wear glasses when they shave? I never did. Seems to me they’d get in the way.

    But maybe it’s mostly a function of what your father did?

  2. No glasses while shaving. That would be weird.

    But the other question is why Jeremy so devastated in learning that his dad could have had a 13 foot beard? He wants a hermit for a father?

  3. I don’t shave, per se, but I’m sufficiently myopic that I’d have to wear glasses if I were to safely shave with a non-electric razor. And even with one, I’d need glasses to see if I got everything. I do keep them on when trimming my beard.

    I’m not surprised that XKCD did the math correctly. I’m surprised that Jeremy did, though it assumes that his father is about 40 years old.

  4. OK. I just checked the math on the XKCD one and that is really weird to think about.

  5. My eyes aren’t that bad. In fact for things about 12″-18″ away, I see better without glasses because of the onset of presbyopia. I don’t have them on now nor do I generally while using the computer or reading.

  6. I think a lot depends on whether you use an electric razor or blade(s). Not much point in glasses with an electric since you don’t really even have to watch, it can be done by feel. Up until my cataract surgery I had to shave with glasses on (Gillette Trac II), or lean over the sink with my nose to the mirror – which I did to trim my mustache. Now, I don’t need glasses to shave, but have to use readers to trim my mustache, a trade off I am very happy I made.

  7. Perhaps this is obvious to everyone, but Jeremy’s logic doesn’t really hold. I haven’t had a haircut in over a decade, but the length of my hair hasn’t changed appreciably for a long time. It reaches a steady state where it falls out as fast as it’s growing. I assume facial hair works similarly.

  8. Can’t shave without my glasses.
    I immediately associated long beard with ZZTop.

  9. Yes, most people don’t have hair that grows indefinitely. Eventually each follicle stops growing, then the hair falls out and the process starts all over again.

    That said, some people can grow longer than others.

  10. I shave (electric razor) with my glasses on; never occured to me to do otherwise. And I certainly need my glasses for detail work on trimming my moustache and muttonchops. Since my own cataract surgery a couple of years ago I don’t usually need or want glasses for reading or computer work, but I keep them on essentially all the rest of my waking time*. (For one thing, after 68 years of wearing them**, I feel “funny” without them.)

    *no, not showering — I did say “essentially”
    **no, not the same pair!

  11. I get you, Shrug. I still reach up to take off my glasses before getting into bed at night. Between 4 to 5 hours a day with readers, and sunglasses outdoors, I get enough of a glasses “fix”, though. But since wearing glasses was so ingrained, now, when I get up from reading, I will forget to take them off and wonder why the world is so out of focus.

  12. The Zits cartoon reminds me of this classic Calvin and Hobbes cartoon:

    Not a bad retelling of that joke, though.

  13. I shave in the shower with a disposable twin blade Schick (the little plastic doodad between the blades to clean them out is great — before I discovered Schicks, I would keep a pin or toothpick in with the razor to clean out between twin blades), no mirror, no foam or gel, and no soap, radio. I don’t think I’ve ever had to, but I could conceivable shave in the dark, since it’s all done by feel.

  14. If I think about my dad and how I know he looked without his glasses he looks strange. So I am guessing he wore his glasses while shaving – both with a blade razor when I younger and with an electric razor when I (and he) were older.

    Robert did not have glasses until maybe 10 years ago. He did not really wear them for anything until about 4 years ago when sometimes at night he needed them. Earlier this year he license came up for renewal. We had to drive out to the doctor to get the paperwork filled in. Woman filling in the paperwork said to him that he is required to wear glasses for driving – big panic as no one ever told him this and his glasses most of the time bother him when he is looking through them. Doctor checked his eyes again – he needs to wear his glasses. So all of the OTC sunglasses and night vision glasses are no longer usable. Just before our stay in place started here he had been out trying on and buying things that clip to the visor and sun and night glasses big enough to fit over his glasses to deal with the change. He could no longer see the maps on his cell phone while driving – then figured to move the phone to the dashboard near the car door – which means that I can no longer see his phone to yell – “turn here” especially when we really need the map programs in his phone – when we drive mom to her doctors (again some day we will when she & we can go out again) as I am sitting in the back seat then. He has trouble seeing the speedometer also – and when the distance glasses are a problem to deal with, getting him bifocals or progressives will give him a headache.

    But he still does not wear glasses to shave.

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