1. Yes, along those lines, along with noting that “arpa” for “harp” is right there in the derivation. But I didn’t see how to get an actually amusing quip out of it. Instead resorting to this meta approach ….

  2. Loved this — so peaceful! I needed this today! My granddaughter is learning the harp so I passed it on to her via Facebook, and other family members have thanked me. So thank you!

  3. Mahler 5, 4th mvt Adagietto, is scored for strings and harp only.

    The video directors for these clips don’t show us much of the harpists at work, unfortunately.

  4. Yes, Andréa, I did find all that. I’ve played a few of them already, and will continue. Can’t believe I don’t remember ever hearing of him before.

    Mitch4, thank you. Great videos!

  5. Me, too. And the TV shows, late night especially, with unplugged music from homes.

  6. A couple of artists that I’ve been viewing at-home performances are Mary Chapin Carpenter and Norah Jones.

  7. I love Schubert’s Sonata for Arpeggione and piano in A minor, D. 821.

    Here is a performance on an actual Arpeggione

    But because the arpeggione is not a contemporary instrument, you can more often hear this performed on modern string instruments, most often cello. But I first saw it in live performance by violist Masumi Per Rostad, and now think of it as a viola piece.

  8. I had mentioned some weeks ago a (belated) birthday tribute to Stephen Sondheim that was moved to a virtual concert that was excellent. Lots of performers who have performed his shows from the 1960s to now. Each performer picked the song to sing and it was not necessarily the song or part they were known for including men singing women’s songs and women singing men’s songs.

    I had also mentioned my favorite was “Someone in a Tree” from “Pacific Overtures” which was song (from separate locations of course) by 4 members of a more recent than the original run performers. It was cut together very well with them looking at the other performers and it is a favorite song of mine.

    I am sure it is still running on youtube.

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