It’s a CID-Ewww, dammit!

gumby bacon

Targuman: I do not understand what is going on here. At all. I get that Gumby and Pokey are made of clay. So, did Gumby go to the bathroom and realize it was all just more clay? If so, why is Pokey with him in the bathroom? And why is he looking at Gumby with angry eyes? If it is not Gumby’s poo/pee why is it green (colorist error)?

So many questions…


  1. Pokey is mad the Gumby left a gross mess. Gumby doesn’t think it’s gross

  2. Gumby, being made of green clay, has left behind green debris after sitting on the seat. Pokey — his roommate, as we can infer from the caption — has demanded, “Gumby! Come in here and look at this mess you made!” That’s why they are in the bathroom together, and why Pokey is angry. The colorist got it right.

  3. The stereotypical roommate problem of your roommate making a horrible mess in the bathroom and not cleaning it up. Pokey is mad. But Gumby says it’s not so bad, it’s only clay.

  4. Well, it is Gumby’s poo/pee and Pokey is rightfully annoyed at his roommate. And Gumby dismisses it as just clay because he was once a little green slab of clay.

    But it doesn’t work for me. 1) Irritation in my roommate community has included people leaving the toilet seat up or not replacing the toilet paper and why it does include people leaving s#!t all over the toilet seat a blase “hey, it’s organic” is *never* acceptable and then we are in call the police and get them committed territory. 2) If your entire universe is clay and as a result your poo and pee is clay…. it’s still poo and pee and disgusting.

  5. Yeah the first 3 explanations don’t do it for me. So “leaving the bathroom a mess” means he poo pooed all over the seat? That’s a good sign that your roommate hates you because it would be difficult to do that accidentally. But okay I’ll accept that is what happened. That still doesn’t explain why his stuff is made of the same material that Gumby is made of. That’s not even close to the way it works.

  6. The first thing that occurred to me is that if he *had* tried to flush those lumps, they’d have needed a plumber.

  7. “That still doesn’t explain why his stuff is made of the same material that Gumby is made of. That’s not even close to the way it works.”

    Isn’t it? If you are made of clay and eat clay wouldn’t you poop clay? That’s fine. At last for a cartoon.

    But saying it’s only clay as though clay poop might possibly be acceptable (again, if you are clay, and you eat clay, the clay poop is *still* poop), and leaving poop on the toilet seat being a minor roommate “problem” are the two things I have a problem with.

  8. “if he *had* tried to flush those lumps, they’d have needed a plumber.”

    Hah! Yes. What does he mean “only clay”? Clay is about the *worst* thing you can put in a toilet.

  9. I thought the lumps would be not excretion at all but his substance deteriorating and falling off his thighs and seat. Still not acceptable to leave there.”

  10. It’s not poop on the seat, it is pea. It is a play on the trope about guys not lifting the seat to pea. A guy peas, gets spray on the seat, and the female roommate that now wants to use the bathroom is upset because there is pea left behind. The guy says, “What’s the big deal? It is only pea.”

    Ironically, I’ve heard nearly as many complaints from women about other women that “hover” when using a bathroom and leave some spray on the seat. I can understand not wanting to sit on a public toilet seat, but if you aren’t going to use it have the decency to lift it out of the way.

  11. “The guy says, “What’s the big deal? It is only pea.” ”

    What freakin’ disgusting insensitive slob would ever say *THAT*?

    The big deal is it’s *PEE*! Pee is gross. Pee is dirty. Pee is wet and she has to *sit* on it. Or she has to clean up his mess before she does anything.

    You might as well say “What’s the big deal? I only cut off your foot.”

  12. Yes, having to wipe up a few drops of pee off a toilet seat is exactly like having your foot cut off.

  13. woozy, I eat hamburgers. I do not poop hamburgers.

    And if you’d like to argue the point, why don’t you come over for a barbecue? Please bring some hamburger buns.

  14. “Yes, having to wipe up a few drops of pee off a toilet seat is exactly like having your foot cut off.”

    Well, they are in the extent that it is *impossible* to imagine someone not comprehending them as a problem.

    Perhaps another anology would be going to bed and finding used coffee grounds smeared on your sheets and have the guy say “What? It’s just coffee grounds. What’s the problem?”

    The problem is….exactly what you just said…

    It is perfectly reasonable to go ones life without ever having to see another persons urine and when you do come across it to consider it an really huge and disgusting error.

    It’s “just” pee is incomprehensible.

  15. “woozy, I eat hamburgers. I do not poop hamburgers.”

    But you eat and poop organic material. If the *universe* is made of clay and you, your food, and *everything* is clay, then your poop is clay too. And claiming you poop is just clay is irrelevant. Yes, it’s clay…. it’s clay *poop*.

  16. I sometimes have a hard time with refried beans automatically served on your plate at some Mexican restaurants.

  17. Not every problem is on the same scale as every other problem. Pee is, by and large, harmless. I don’t want to sit in someone else’s pee anymore than the next person, but to put it on the same scale as having your foot cut off or even coffee grounds in the sheets seems a bit hyperbolic. It is rude to leave a mess for the next person and anyone with the smallest of decency will realize that and either avoid leaving a mess or clean up after themselves, but it certainly isn’t worth going ballistic over. Upset? Sure. “Huge and disgusting error?” Not so much.

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