1. I suspect the “joke” is that “Emma Gurd” sounds like “Oh My God” if you’re seriously hard of hearing, and there is indeed no pony here.

  2. There was a meme: it started in 2012, the article Grawlix posted is from 2015, and this strip was published in 2017. Perhaps ephemeral memes have a half-life, perhaps not, but either way, this does not (necessarily) justify recycling this strip. On the other hand, the phonetic similarity that B.A. identified @1 does allow the joke to stand semi-erect in its own right.
    P.S. Presumably the lady hails from somewhere between the Maryland city called “Ball’mer” and the nation’s capital, referred to by some denizens of those parts as “Worshin’ten”.

  3. It’s what the doctor said when she was born and the name stuck. That’s all I got.

  4. I was aware of the meme, but I still don’t get the joke. If that’s the joke, shouldn’t she be facing the camera so we see the dental brace?

  5. I think B.A. explained it correctly @1: there is/was a meme, but that’s not the joke, it’s simply the similarity of the name to “Oh My God“, which makes it unnecessary to duplicate the face from the meme photo. And yes, there are Americans who speak with accents strong enough to render the two pronunciations virtually identical.

  6. You’d have to be *unaware* of the meme for the joke to work. And to my mind that would make the joke simply stealing and hoping to get away with it.

  7. If this just illustrates an obnoxious meme, it had less going for it than I’d thought.

  8. From what I get of the actual meme, the girls name isn’t “erma gurd” but the girl says “ermahgurd” because she has the retainer lisp/slur.

    This joke seems to be he came up with a name that sounds like Oh My God. It’s *possible* he came up with this not knowing of the meme but I doubt it. I figure he’s basing it on the meme and hoping to get away with making a name. If he was not aware of the meme he gets a D for weak and stretched pun. If he is aware of it then he gets a D for being sloppy and lazy and derivative. In any event he deserves a vengeful F for makiing such an distasteful and unpleasant image that makes my teeth ache to look at. He gets an F and his children get an have and yard should be burnt and salted until I can bleach this image from my eyes.

  9. ‘An have’, Woozy? I don’t get it.
    I thought I encountered ‘ermagerd’ or something very similar in a book on Australianisms well before the meme ermerged. But if so, I can’t get Google to sift it out from the millions of meme posts. Maybe I’m just misremembering Emma Chizzit (how much is it) from the book by Afferbeck Lauder (alphabetical order).

  10. I’ve seen OMG written as ermagurd or omagurd quite a few times…in YA books, I think (obviously recently written). Weak joke anyway, but it made sense to me.

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