Sunday Funnies – LOL, May 17, 2020

rhymes umbrella

far fly

wiz time

Mitch: When my father (Myron Marks) was in law school in the early 1950s, he and a friend named Jerry Engels had a joke that they would form a partnership. A law firm with two left/liberal partners, called “Marks & Engels” would surely be popular in those days!


  1. Oh, sorry everyone, I realize I already told that story in the interim, in comments thread for another post. Well, anyway this time there’s the Harry Bliss cartoon to attach it to.

  2. This “swatting squad” cartoon is one of the handful that the fairly new Far Side site has in rotation for huge banner image at the top.

  3. Groucho and Chico Marx had a radio series about a shady lawyer originally titled “Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel”, but a real lawyer name Shyster threatened legal action so the show was renamed “Flywheel and Flywheel”. You’d think a lawyer named Shyster already had image problems.

  4. Forgive my ignorance, but why has the fly on the far right got his arm raised and no blindfold on? Is it some sort of reference to something I’m unaware of but probably should know? I imagine it is.

  5. @Stan: That’s the commander of the squad getting ready to give the order to swat.

  6. That is one useless blindfold on the condemned fly. It’s only covering part of his compound eyes–he’d still see the swatters coming.

    What’s wrong with the name “Khan”? It just means “King”. I’m sure the cartoonist mean us to think of Temujim, but I actually thought of my old doctor from Pakistan,which was not all that scary–he was pretty good.

  7. I guess there wasn’t any real good way to work out some swatting equivalent to the tradition that one member of a firing squad, randomly chosen and secretly, is issued a blank rather than live ammo. Then all members can tell themselves “It was not my shot that killed the prisoner”.

    narmitaj with the uppercase SWAT suggests the acronym, and the terrifying development more recently of a transitive verb and corresponding practice, where “they SWATted him” means they called in an emergency alert that there is an armed hostage situation or terrorist activity at his address. causing a visit from some armed LEO agency.

  8. WWF (as it was then) Mike Rotundo spent several years wrestling as “an evil CPA.” allegedly named Irwin R. Schyster, thus combining references to “Shyster” AND to the I.R.S. His schtick mostly consisted of accusing opponents and audiences as being composed of “tax cheats” and of toadying up to his mentor and tag team partner, alleged one-percenter The Million Dollar Man.

  9. I dimly remember an “LA LAW” ep where a firm has partner names like Dahmer Bundy & Gein.

  10. I’m not sure I get the umbrella cartoon.

    Originally I thought that his lost umbrella would been incorporated into the Modern Art wing by people who mistook the umbrella as the latest and greatest art trend.

    But then I saw the sign that said “Found Art.” Is this in contrast to “Lost Art,” as in “Lost & Found Art”? If so, why not just have the sign say “Lost Art”? I’m afraid there’s something here I’m just not grokking.

  11. Yes, “Found Art” is an established thing, or a couple different things. I think they are not going for “found object art” in the sense of Duchamp’s “readymades”, but rather more like “junk art”.

    However, even under the norms of “junk art” I don’t suppose the sculptors are supposed to be gleaning from the museum’s own lost-and-found office; at least not for recent items…

  12. I hate to be that guy (or do I?), but the Marx Brothers radio show (only Groucho and Chico, go figure..) was originally called Beagle, Shyster, and Beagle, and was changed to Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel when a real Lawyer named Beagle threatened to sue.

  13. “Cheatham” is a real surname. Might as well spell it correctly. (this irritates me whenever I see it, even if the original reference implementation was also wrong)

  14. Likewise Groucho’s character in “A Day at the Races” was to be Dr. Quackenbush, but more than one actual doctor named Quackenbush complained so he changed it to Hackenbush.

  15. @ MiB – There was a guy in my class in college with that name, but he majored in physics, not medicine.

  16. “That’s the commander of the squad getting ready to give the order to swat.”

    Oh yea. That makes sense. It just looks like he’s about to get swatted too, at least to me. Thanks for the clarification.

  17. Even though I figured it out before the comments appeared to help, I still agree with Stan: the positioning is confusing.
    P.S. I’m currently reading through “The Complete Far Side” with my son, and I’ve decided that I don’t really like the recolored (and in many cases redrawn) panels (more than half the book seems to be in color). It would be nice to see them all in their original (monochrome) form: that’s the way we first saw and liked them back then.
    P.S. @ Grawlix – Thanks for curing my brain spazz. In hunting through my (analog) memory banks, all I came up with was “Aga Khan”, but I knew that was too obscure. To quote Larson: “It was late, and I was tired.

  18. @Grawlix, you mean the Genghis Khan I directly referred to in my message by name?

    Or did you not know that Genghis was his regnal name? His birth name was Temujim (sometimes Temujin, depending on the transliteration).

  19. Carl, I did see your comment yesterday, but had to look up “Temujin” to be sure of what you were saying.

    I’ve heard that Sid Caesar was not really his name, but he was called that as the first King of Comedy!

    (And I used to think “JK”stood for “joke!” not “just kidding”.)

  20. “I’ve heard that Sid Caesar was not really his name, but he was called that as the first King of Comedy!” And in homage to El Cid as well?

    And as long as we’re doing name misconceptions involving famous people, not a lot of folks today remember that “Buffalo Bill” was really only one-sixteenth Buffalo!

  21. According to Wikipedia (usual caveats) his original name was Isaac Sidney Caesar.

  22. Lawyer name. several decades ago I had a coworker whose last name was Justice.
    Her husband was a lawyer.
    In the Air Force
    He was a Captain.
    Imagine how he enjoyed answering his phone.

    He was looking forward to promotion of Major because his first name began with an “N.”

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