1. I agree, it has to be along the lines Targuman suggests.

    Also, though I’m not sure it’s meant as part of the joke – or even is intentional – there’s maybe some play with the scope ambiguity of Question and Negation in Jeremy’s protest.

  2. “How do you manage to be so busy without doing anything?” Also, “You’re connected to everyone in the world but you can’t talk to the woman who gave you birth?” For starters, anyway. A mom can say a lot with a sigh.

  3. He’s lying on the couch, using two screens simultaneously while eating pizza. I can see that being enough to get a “Mom sigh,” especially if he does, in fact, have something he should be doing (e. g. the lawn).

  4. She has a happy, healthy, well-adjusted son who is even able to pick up on the unspoken states of others — her problem is that she can’t seem to communicate very well! Got a problem? Use your words! Otherwise, just step back and be happy that your offspring is so well adjusted and thriving…


  5. I agree with larK. Jeremy is actually a relatively well-adjutsed teenage boy. However, that is clearly not good enough for some people.

  6. On some occasions. On others he’s been clueless and self-centered. Again, not atypical for a teen.

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