1. I guess they are spelling each letter out one by one and the person at the other end is putting them together into groups, thereby forming words, much like Morse in olden times.

  2. Well, one way we used to text is to write a note on a piece of paper and leave it in some secret place known only to the two of us, like a hole in a tree, or as Richardson’s Pamela did, under a rock in the flower bed.

  3. Might’ve worked better if he were using a telegraph, which actually was old-timey texting.

  4. If you send a text message to a landline phone over here, the system calls the number and a computer voice reads out the message. Besides the problem of all those inane abbreviations, the system doesn’t test for the language in which the message was written. English text spoken according to German rules sounds really strange,

  5. When my kids were mid-teens, call it 10 years ago, I asked them if they knew how to dial a rotary telephone. They did because they had seen one at some point. I asked them if they knew how we texted with those rotary phones. They sorta figured we didn’t, but weren’t sure enough to say so. If I had made up a method, they would have believed me and thought we really did text back then.

  6. People started texting over telephone lines in the 1870’s using a device called a “Stock Ticker”. It was a one-way broadcasting device so it was more like Twitter than texting. It transmitted stock prices from the stock exchange to brokers. The teletypewriter allowed two-way communication, and deaf people used it for texting.

  7. TedD – I have a niece and nephew, now 30 and 27 – when they young they had no trouble figuring out how to dial my mom’s den telephone – installed in 1959 when we moved into the house and definitely a dial phone. (They did think a record player was only for making rainbows with paper plates and markers – though that was when they were VERY young.)

    Husband’s older niece was adopted from China 16 years ago, when she was under 2. When she would come to our house she had no trouble figuring out to dial the teddy bear toy telephone we had and that it was telephone.

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