1. Death likes anything related to death, including deadlines. Or perhaps she is about to give him an ultimatum on committing to their relationship and that will be an experience similar to death, so Death swings by.

  2. “she is about to give him an ultimatum on committing”

    I think this too, but I believe it will lead to the death of their relationship.

  3. That’s it, Stan. So that relationship is about to be executed or whatever Death does to carry out his/her duty.

  4. That could be it. I was thinking that it was about how it’s said that “your life ends” once you get married. Death takes it literally.

  5. Weird-head Blond Boy is dressed way above his usual standard of informality — maybe he’s the one planning to propose a commitment! And vulnerable to getting shot down.

  6. Since they are living together, I see this as a “propose or else” kind of commitment.

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