1. Bill, Jason’s shaking arm in the 3rd panel indicates he’s about to fall, and when Jason falls, he almost always ends up with bent glasses and limbs bent into directions that are well into (or, in my my mind, well past) the extreme range.

  2. But Peter’s no athlete either, which is why this is puzzling.

    The only difference is that Peter aspires to be one, but he’s just as pathetic.

  3. Peter is just taking advantage of the fact that Jason apparently is incapable of doing a hook shot without falling over.

  4. The extension of Jason’s mouth in the third panel looks extremely odd and unpleasant. At first I thought it was intended to make him appear a bit like a horse, but that doesn’t seem right, and there’s nothing else in this strip that would suggest a connection to Prohías’s “White Spy”.

  5. Yes, not everyone is good at hook shots. I can relate. There’s nothing more frustrating while playing HORSE than an opponent taking only shots that he/she is good at.

  6. What’s interesting to me is the rules of HORSE they are following. When I was a lad, we only had to make a basket from the same place on the court rather than exactly mimic the other player’s shot.

  7. Peter sucks by missing shots. However Jason sucks by being incapable of shooting, giving Peter the win by default.

  8. Peter’s no athlete, but he’s twice Jason’s height, which means a lot in almost any variation on basketball.

    And, as a geezer, I thank you for this page’s title.

  9. @User McUser

    Many folks do play HORSE where you have to mimic the other player’s shot, but the other player has to declare the specifics of the shot they are going to take before they take it. They can specify both shooting styles (hook, set, jump, underhand, one-handed, backwards, etc) and what the ball does once it is shot (bank off the backboard, not touch the rim, bounce on the ground before it goes through the hoop). If the shooter doesn’t make their shot as declared, they forfeit possession as if they missed the shot.

    When I was a kid it was not uncommon for folks where I grew up to call their bank shots in HORSE by saying “Rudy!”, a reference to then-Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich who was a bank shot artist as a player. “Rudy!” eventually gave way to “Duncan!” for Tim Duncan.

  10. There was a TV commercial with two basketball players doing that, increasing ridiculous. “From across the street, off the lamp post, through the revolving door, nothing but net.” As is often the case, I don’t recall what they were selling.

  11. Brian in STL: From memory, I believe it was Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and the product was McDonald’s. I could look it up, but that wasn’t the point of this little exercise.

  12. There wasn’t any debate. I just didn’t remember. The provided details sounded right.

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