1. So you would only say the phrase “damn Yankees“ if you are a theater nerd sports fan from the South? This does not look to me like a chart of which Venn would be proud.

  2. No, I think it’s defensible logically. The items to be sorted into Venn regions are not people but personal characteristics. So the only trait common to Southerners, theatre nerds, and sports fans is having uttered “Damn Yankees”.

    Anyway, it sure is funny!

  3. (However, the way the big circles got labelled does not work with my interpretation. We would need those labels sort of sitting on the circle lines themselves.)

  4. Usual John: Nope. If you are in the group which includes all three, you’ve said it. That’s what this means.
    Just outside the center group, those in one of the three groups have NOT said it, otherwise they would be in the center group.
    And those outside of this Venn diagram MAY have said it.

    If you’re from the North or never watch sports, for example, you may or may not have uttered it. You’re not pictured here. It says nothing about you.

    This is one of the funniest Venn diagrams I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

  5. I’m with both Bills here, CIDU and Dollar.

    I must sadly point out that it’s not just baseball that’s been shut down, but theatre as well: Broadway’s gone dark for at least a month, for the first time in decades 😦

  6. I’m much more concerned about the NHL shutdown. I follow that more closely and I’m more worried about the financial impact.

  7. Some people don’t understand how Venn diagrams work. If something is in the intersection, it means that both or all three groups have said or done it. For you may have complained about the score if you are a sports fan, OR if you are a theatre nerd. Both groups complain about the score. It is a property common to both groups. Belong to either group and you have this property.You don’t have to belong to both of them.

  8. I agree with Usual John. The artist is the one here who doesn’t understand how Venn diagrams work. The region “Has said the phrase ‘Damn Yankees'” should mean the complete set of all people who have said the phrase ‘Damn Yankees’ – anyone who has said that phrase should be within that set, and anyone who has not said that phrase should be outside of it. If you wish to indicate that all member of the three groups here have said that phrase, then each of those groups should be subsets of the “Damn Yankees” region. This diagrams says that the only people who utter that phrase must be Southern, theatre nerds, and sports fans.

    Mitch4 has the artist’s intended interpretation, but Venn diagrams are logically about sets, not characteristics – characteristics are often written in Venn diagrams, but they’re only there as shorthand for “the set of things having this characteristic.”

  9. Also a math major here. And ex-physics professor, FWIW. Venn diagrams are for sets, not characteristics.

  10. Venn di·a·gram
    /ˈven ˌdīəˌɡram/
    a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circles or closed curves within an enclosing rectangle (the universal set), common elements of the sets being represented by the areas of overlap among the circles.

  11. It’s probably not a true Venn diagram, then, because the circles are sets but the intersections of the sets are labeled with characteristics of those intersections. Just because it looks like a Venn diagram doesn’t mean it has to be one.

  12. The South complains about the score too. They still cannot accept that the North won.

    I’ve never heard theatre nerds complain about the score. Bernstein, Gershwin, Schönberg (not Arnold, the other one), Sondheim, Kern, they love ’em all.

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