1. I see this is not a CIDU, but presumably this is not just Leprechaun Pat at the end of the rainbow but his stash of “gold” as per this Monty Python sketch involving Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and James McNeill Whistler being competitively witty in the presence of the Prince of Wales.

    Whistler: Your Majesty is like a stream of bat’s piss.
    Prince: What?
    Whistler: It was one of Wilde’s.
    Oscar: It sodding was not! It was Shaw!
    Prince: Well Mr. Shaw?
    Shaw: I… I merely meant, Your Majesty, that you shine out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark.

  2. When I first saw this, I misread the first word as “Pat’s” which made just enough sense that I shrugged past it, and didn’t get it until glancing at it again a day later when advancing the web page.

  3. “No, I can’t lend you a quid. I don’t have any money on me. Pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, pal, not here.”

  4. “he could have taken more care with the typography.”

    How often does it seem like they just don’t look at the panel before sending it out?

  5. No one else comes from a linguistic subculture where “pot” is an occasional euphemism for “commode”, as in “s–t or get off the pot”?

  6. Oh, Carl Fink, I suspect all or most of us are reading it that way, including those who at first saw “Pat” instead of “Pot”. After all, that s where the rainbow seems to be leading.

  7. Bill should have subtitled this thread as “Loose Pots“. I’m another one who initially misread it as “Pat”, but having “Loose Pats” in the bathroom would have been “Ewww”, rather than “Oy”.

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