1. It’s just about as funny as finding out that … <spoiler alert!> … “soylent green is made out of people”. In other words, not funny at all.

  2. Great! I’m 10 minutes from the end of Soylent Green and I paused to get a drink and I checked to see what the the new comic is and you do this! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to Hell!

  3. Well… the joke is that the all natural toothbrushes are actually things from nature, i.e. animals.

    It’s not worth any more thought than that. I figure Deering is adding when in doubt, add trauma but it doesn’t really help.

    It just…. all natural things are made by picking real things in nature, and a toothbrush looks like a caterpillar and if that’s not enough then … well, you have standards….

  4. Given that Deering’s style has been deteriorating lately, I can understand the mix-up, but he still might be insulted.

  5. There are all-natural toothbrushes out there. They have wooden handles. The tricky part is the bristles. Either you have to use something like boar bristles, or ones made of processed natural fiber. From my brief research, the latter don’t last long. Realistically, a wooden handle with nylon bristles wouldn’t be that bad. You could cut the bristles off and put them in the compost. They wouldn’t break down, but neither does sand and such that ends up mixed in. The bristles are so small they wouldn’t be much of a problem.

  6. Close to Home comes up here a fair amount, and pretty much every time the consensus is “there’s nothing going on here beyond the very obvious, and it’s just not that funny.” (And perhaps some stray comments about the artwork.) I can’t remember the last time I heard a comment about Close to Home that gave me a new appreciation or perspective on the comic.

    I certainly wouldn’t say “I hate this comic strip and its artist should never be allowed to work in this business again.” But there does seem to be limited payback in discussing it here.

  7. !8th century toothbrushes – used bone handles and boar bristles, of course the gentry and upper middling sorts were more likely to own same the poor.

    Don’t forget poor George Washington’s dentures with real teeth (slaves might be paid to donate a few – better than animal teeth or sculptured from ivory or whalebone). When they expanded the museum at Mount Vernon maybe 10 years ago they had an exhibit on his teeth with several dentures shown.

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