1. The deluded fantasy expressed in the third panel notwithstanding, the audience is throwing them because the answer is “NO!

  2. He cannot expect much popularity after all his earlier “Ok boomer” retorts; plus, the people at this place probably coined the phrase “are you ready to rock”: who does Jeremy think he is?

  3. Or maybe Clover meadows assisted senior living and residential care facility is the new name of Bob’s country bunker: the place has evolved with its patrons 😉 .

  4. This sequence bothers me because I’ve played senior homes, and rock n’ roll is what they WANT.

  5. Maybe it’s the little old lady equivalent of throwing underwear on to the stage.

    Or maybe it’s just really crappy generic pudding, and everybody wants to get rid of it.

    But probably because “a hale of unsalted overcooked bland vegetables” hitting the band seemed too hard to draw.

  6. Old People are in rockers, They used to “ROCK” but now it just leads to a broken hip and death.

  7. “Back home when you turn 80, they stop giving you the silverware.” Larry the Cable Guy

  8. Old-folks’ homes usually play music from when the residents were in high school. I’ve always hated the music “my” generation was supposed to like. One of my greatest fears is living out my last years to a soundtrack of Madonna and Michael Jackson.

  9. I thought of a couple possibilities. One is that Jeremy’s band has played there before and were not all that good. These residents probably remember seeing Led Zeppelin live and now they have to listen to high schoolers. The other possibility expands on Raymond’s post that it’s a pun. The residents spend most of their time “rocking”. Now they want to get up and move.

  10. I agree with Ignatzz, but they would rather rock to the Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin and other (now Geezer) bands of their youth, not to a bunch of teen wannabes.

  11. Bob Peters – My mom is living in an assisted living residence and apparently there is beer available at dinner -whether it is light beer or non alcoholic beer or regular beer I have no idea – but mom told me that the man who sits at the same table as her (and 2 other women) has one every night.

  12. My grandparents are in memory care (so basically an assisted living floor of a larger seniors residence), and they can have beer, but my mom needs to bring it in for them. (The staff still serve it, because if you leave it with my grandparents they will forget that they’ve already had some.) I think they actually needed to get a prescription for it, which is hilarious, but given that “social prescriptions” are a thing it makes sense.

  13. A long time ago, beer was served to every patient in a hospital, including children, because water used to be full of germs and beer wasn’t.

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