1. Stealth bears lurking below floating bear hats. Penguin at rear of pack notices said hats. Mayhem ensues.

  2. To quote Admiral Ackbar: “It’s a trap!”

    Notice several small “stupid hat”-sized chunks of ice behind the penquins. Those are polar bears sneaking up who will, in just a moment, reduce those birds to a red stain on the ice.

    The part I really don’t understand is have the bears traversed the globe to reach Antarctica or have the penquins come north?

  3. Penguin and polar bear habitat actually overlap at the little-known snouth pole (sometimes also called the Far Side of the Earth).

    Also, the comic went from CIDU to LOL with the explanation.

  4. Illustratively implied is the fact that the blithe penguins and bears are standing on even bigger floes/hats – probably worn by some mighty denizens of the deep and vasty unknown abyssal wastes prepping to get them all in a series of fell gulps.

  5. Eh. I saw the mini-floes but the idea that the other bears are wearing hats was just too stupid for me to laugh.

    This seems like something Gary Larson would have figured out how to make work.

  6. How does wearing ice hats help the bears sneak up on the penguins? If a bear can stay submerged so nothing but the hat shows, couldn’t it stay submerged without the hat so nothing shows at all?

  7. @ swazoo – Arctic water is fairly clear, a submerged polar bear would still be visible (and suspicious) when seen from above. Adding the little ice layer on top might make the bear’s body look like the rest of an iceberg (of which roughly 90% would be submerged). That is, of course, only if one is willing to accept comic strip physics; the penguin on the right looks like he’s not convinced.

  8. Until you pointed out the penguin looking suspiciously at the small ice floes beside them, I thought it was a global warming joke and they were wearing the stupid hats to stay cool.

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