1. Yes it is, but I see some humor in this one.

    Garfield is setting up the picture. He wants Jon to think about it personally. What would Jon want to do if there were a willing, beautiful woman out there. And the answer is, “Nothing if you’ve been neutered.”

    Of course, my understanding is that it doesn’t work that way with cats. It doesn’t just take away their ability, but their desire.

  2. Even if that’s why it is done, one cannot help but wonder how an anthropomorphic pet would react to the process. By coincidence I found out that PCST has covered this subject before (see below). Unfortunately, the PCST archive at GoComics has not been tagged with any caption text, so the original source date is unfindable:

  3. P.S. I have no idea about Snoopy or Brian, but Earl has absolutely nothing to fear. Given how often McDonnell has used his strip as a soapbox to support “fixing” pets, I’m sure that Earl has already had his operation.
    P.P.S. Perhaps his censored dialog is a reaction to how poorly Ozzie has been rendered.

  4. I have to admit that I’m no expert on how neutering affects an animal, but I can say that the work I had done in that respect didn’t change anything other than shooting blanks, so to speak.

  5. Then there’s the joke about the old lady and the genie. Long story short, she wishes her cat would turn into a young handsome human man, punch line: “Now aren’t you sorry you had me fixed?”

  6. @ Mark M – Male pets could be rendered un-reproductive just by performing a vasectomy (such as is done for human males who so choose), leaving the “drive” (testosterone) intact. However, with pets, part of this “drive” involves not just “mating”, but also “advertising”, or in other words “marking”. For dogs this is not a big issue, because they generally use trees, fire hydrants, and lampposts as their social media billboards. Unfortunately, some tomcats get into the habit of marking their territory indoors. For this reason, male cats usually lose the whole package when they are neutered.

  7. Once when I was fostering a little female kitty she went into her first heat, and one of my male cats, who was neutered little later in life, showed some interest. He came up beside her from behind, threw a foreleg over her, and she waited patiently. Then he got this confused look, like he was trying to remember what to do next. Eventually she just walked away in disgust.

    A year later, the male who showed no interest in her tried to mount a male kitten. Has anybody else had a gay cat?

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