1. Being in Detroit in January, they’re used to much of the sports section being about hockey. But a sports story NOT being about hockey wouldn’t mark it as recent. Quite the contrary.

  2. I’m not sure how many people actually know that Frazz is set in Detroit (I didn’t, and I’ve been reading the strip every day for the last few years). Depending on that detail to explain this opaque strip seems like a long stretch (by that I mean for Mallett, not Brian & Boise Ed).

  3. If he just means that he read the article back in the summer, why would that make him tongue-tied and completely confused?

  4. It took me a while, but I finally decided he’s referencing sports media’s historic obsession with “traditional” (and male oriented) sports. Pucks (hockey), goalposts (football), nets (basketball). Even though all 3 certainly COULD refer to hockey (“the puck glanced off the goalpost on its way to the back of the net”) . Maybe?

  5. I think he is embarrassed to have been caught reading a sports story about some “weirdo” sport instead of the big 4

  6. Mallett occasionally drops Michigan references into the comic. I also live in the state, so I enjoy them. I met him several years ago at the funeral of a mutual friend; he was a wiry guy, as you’d expect.

  7. In the tech resumes I’ve seen in the last few years, the only people (and not many) who mentioned running an ultra marathon were women.

  8. So, what is an ultra-marathon (or ultra-distance marathon)? Is it, as it sounds, longer than a regular one? And if so, how does that make it more suitable for women than for men? And (to Kevin) how does running get on someone’s tech c.v.?

  9. @Mitch4 Hobbies/Interests (I don’t know the actual section names) It was a complete surprise to me to start seeing them return. For myself, I’d rather have an ultra-marathon to mention than my Swing or Argentine Tango hobby when applying for engineering work.

  10. mitch4: You know how men tend to be stronger than women? In the same kind of way, women tend to be tougher than men.

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