1. On my last trip (first flights in 14 years), I got a rather nice meal outbound (British Airways Premium Economy, which is much more than just a bit of extra legroom). On the return, I was bumped up to Business Class…oh my…I was sad it was only six hours.

  2. I’d say one’s cellmates are less agressive on a plane but what do I know? I’ve never been to jail.
    I’ve never flown transatlantic without a meal (last time for Thanksgiving: my accent is now so bad that the flight attendant didn’t get my joke about turkey leftovers).
    (I suppose you went to Samoa on a boat: I doubt they would keep you hungry on so long a flight).

  3. Olivier, when CIDU Bill was on that boat and served just a meagre meal that left him unsatisfied, I hear he approached the cook and asked “Please, sir, can I have Samoa?”

    #thehighestformofhumour #nevergetsold #keepmilking

  4. I’ve never been on a flight that didn’t have the airsick back in the pouch on the back of the seat right next to the glossy airline magazine.

  5. @SingaporeBill: the food probably included pineapple pizza; so unsatisfied: yes, but asking for more? Doubtful. 😉

  6. @Olivier: No doubt he would use those fat, chopstick-incapable fingers to pick off the pineapple chunks and eat the remaining ham-covered slices.

  7. There is a difference between a plane and prison – you can smoke in prison, and you don’t have to wait in line to use the loo.

  8. I’ve never been on a flight without airsickness bags… at least not that I noticed. Why would they eliminate those?

  9. I’ve also never been on a flight without a barf bag. And every international flight (between Europe and the US west coast) has always had two full meals and a substantial snack. Of course, you can’t put people on a 13-14 hour flight and not feed them. But no meal is really a US airline thing. On the two hour+ dawn flight from ONT to PDX, I never got more than a hot beverage. That was bad since I had to leave for the airport at like 4:00 AM and nothing in the airport opened before we boarded. OTOH, the less than one hour early morning flight between Hannover and Amsterdam always had something, more of a snack than breakfast, but definitely appreciated.

  10. It’s not so much that they don’t give you any food, but they won’t even let you use their microwave ovens.

  11. Seems obvious to me that Frank is comparing his flight on Spirit airlines to jail time.

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