1. If ever a CWAA caption was appropriate, this is it.

    Maybe the guy is telekinetic and he is summoning food to the island. The other guy is wondering why he doesn’t summon a boat.

  2. Thanksgiving joke, with a large side of…and my brain goes blank. Not inappropriateness, not dislocation…disjunction of some sort. So after Thanksgiving, there’s supposed to be all the food left over and you eat turkey (note the drumstick) and mashed potatoes and etc until you’re utterly sick of them. But these guys are starving on a desert island, so throwing away food doesn’t work. Comedy is (that word I can’t remember)…

  3. Comics We Always Abhor?
    Comics Without Anachronistic Action?
    Comics With Abnormal Artwork?

    Meanwhile, jjmcgaffey pretty much explains what’s going on.

  4. Leftovers on a tropical island with no fridge won’t stay “perfectly good” for long: better use them as bait for fresh fish.

  5. I just learned the Twitter abbreviation “AITA” (perhaps transferred from another system?) where the poster describes a situation with one or more parties behaving badly, and asks by this label “Am I The Asshole?”

  6. That wasn’t the actual caption. The real caption is: “I just can’t do any more leftovers.” (according to Jon Adams).

  7. I think some of you are being a little too harsh on this one. Combine the old stranded-on-an-island trope with a Thanksgiving-leftovers joke. It’s irony and absurdity. Perhaps not the Best Comic Ever, but I thought it was better than some I’ve seen here.

    And then there’s the question of where they even got the apparently full Thanksgiving meal in the first place. The plot, like the gravy, thickens.

  8. @Arthur Yes, that’s what I’m referring to; take a look at the punctuation. (I can always miss something no matter how big, so I appreciate your pointing that out.)

  9. Ah. Period vs. exclamation mark. It’s Adams’s work, but I think the exclamation point works better.

  10. Mitch4 — “AITA” is a Reddit forum where you can write in to ask if something you did was justified or if you need to apologize. Some of them are actually interesting — things where the headline makes it obvious that the person IS the a-hole, and then, as they add in details, it becomes more complex, or it turns out that their actions really ARE justified, or even kind in context.

    “Am I the a-hole for having my immunocompromised boyfriend clean the litterbox?” Well, obviously, yes — until it comes out that the boyfriend insists that she always does it wrong, and wants to take the task back over, because he feels bad about not being able to do it anymore. Stuff like that.

  11. Thanks, Ian. I wasn’t sure it came from Reddit, hence my weasel mention of “another system”.

    Is the origin of AMA established? (Is it a geezer thing to always want to make a joke about the American Medical Association?)

  12. I think our standard caption works better here. You know, the one that takes Our Lord and Savior’s name in vain and always goes into moderation.

  13. SingaporeBill’s telekinetic suggestion in comment #1 made it a Comment-That-Made-Me-Laugh-Out-Loud.

  14. Sorry, I was trying to figure out what CWAA stood for. (Comic Wizards Athletic Association?) Now I see.

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