1. I was thinking that Luke was there for Return of the Jedi. It looks like the boy is there to return his Mac even though the logo looks wrong. He’s the only one in line to return something.

  2. The kid has a Mac, which makes us think of Mack the Knife, who is “back in town”, thus “returning”. Okay maybe not.

  3. I had to say the return of the jedi out loud to get that part of it.

    But that’s not the main joke. The main joke is Monica moving back home and… I don’t get it. I’m wondering if it will come to me.

    I don’t think the kid with the Mac is supposed to be anything other than back ground to establish it’s a return line. In which case if Monica was the main joke then the Return of the Jedi is over distracting.

    … unless there *is* no joke about The Return of Monica with Poorly stuffed Suitcase and the joke is three types of returns; product, passenger, and movie title. In which case the stuff about Monica, and her mother is just… to clarify it is a passenger? But seems weirdly specific. Especially the person behind the counter is her mother?

    I’m wondering if I will get the the Return of Monica, She’s moving back home to her Ma, dum de dum reference the second I hit reply….

  4. Could Monica be a millennial having to return home to live in the basement due to loss of job or unaffordable housing? That topic is current.

  5. “Could Monica be a millennial having to return home to live in the basement due to loss of job or unaffordable housing? That topic is current.”

    But the joke isn’t funny…. well, actually it *would* be if it weren’t ruined by having Luke Skywalker distracting and utterly derailing it. Basic rule of humor as mentioned in the other thread, don’t distract!

    (Actually, that *would* be pretty funny… but weird and hard to get… maybe the cartoonist wanted something to explain and put in Luke to have us realize this is *people* returning… but that is just making things very distracting. Maybe if Monica said “I’m returning home” it’d be better. Yes, it’s repeating the same word twice in a joke but … this is a single panel cartoon, not a barroom joke with a punchline.)

    There’s a singer name Monica who has a song “Move On” but … that isn’t it.

  6. I think he’s referencing the song “ Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison.
    Didn’t see that one coming.

  7. I think it is fine… kid returning some product, Monica returning home, and the last of the Jedi returning. You could also have had Aragorn, Strider, King Elessar Telcontar – The Return of the King! – but harder to make graphically obvious.

    Perhaps a someone with a boomerang would have been good too.

  8. “I’m going to be the irritating person who points out that Luke only wore the white suit in the first movie (A New Hope).”

    Mark Hamiill also wore it when he was the guest star on “The Muppet Show”.

  9. beckoningchasm, I will be even more irritating and say that white wasn’t even the type worn in ANH. It’s the type from the prequels. LOL

  10. These resurrected threads have the side-effect of reminding me of all the past participants that don’t comment anymore. I don’t ,miss all of them.

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