1. @ Andréa – These are the “Sunday Funnies”, so by default they should all be LOLs. Bill may have blown the category tag, but I have to admit that I didn’t really understand the mime and magician joke, and while I did understand the point in the last one, the kid’s use of “auspicious” was so far off-base that I had to look up the word to be absolutely sure.

  2. I’m closing on 65 and I remember mimeos, as they were called. Even in my school days I got the impression they were on the way out. I actually owned a toy printing press, with rubber type to set by hand and a handful of stock images to place with rubber cement.

    I had more experience with dittomasters, which were a streamlined cousin of mimeographs. They were letter-sized, way easier to type or draw on, and were the favored medium for school newspapers and such. I was a lousy artist, but I really bore down on the ballpoint pen so my drawings reproduced better — or at least more completely — than most.

    In my teens photocopiers appeared, which produced damp copies for a nickel a page at the public library. Hot stuff, especially when editing made your carbon copies useless.

    I now have a black and white printer by my old desktop. I rarely use it except to run off personal address labels, and projects of any size go to Kinkos, but I’m tickled at being able to own printing technology. It’s like keeping an old small digital camera because of the remembered excitement.

  3. “The magician has made for the mime a transparent glass box.”

    I read it as it was the mime’s glass box and he’s recruited the magician to make it invisible.

  4. I was a little unsure about the Frazz.

    The magician has made for the mime a transparent glass box. But it is visible and won’t succeed in fooling the mime’s audiences that he is doing a great job of miming “stuck in an invisible box”. so he wants from the magician a truly invisible box to let him cheat the performance.

  5. I’d say that kid earned his D-. A good vocabulary means knowing what words mean and how to use them. He’s just throwing around big words he doesn’t understand, hoping to impress. This must be an old cartoon, though, because I’ve met that adult guy.

  6. For some reason, the mime and magician one reminded me of a “Phineas and Ferb” cartoon in which the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz built an inator that traps all mimes in actual invisible boxes. No one will come to their aid because everyone thinks they’re just good at what they do.

  7. Kibly: “. . . didn’t really understand the mime and magician joke”
    Me, neither.

    CIDUBill: “Besides, YOU SENT one of them”
    Category SENT doesn’t automatically (or auspiciously) mean category POSTED.

  8. “‘Are they ALL CIDUs’?”

    I assumed *none* of them were.

    1) If mimeographs predated photocopies, and mimeographs required applying pressure, then mimeographing your butt must have been difficult.

    2) Making funny “pew, pew” sounds while imitating space guns has become a recurring theme in television and internet memes the last few years. This is just how silly a firing squad would be if the captain said “pew, pew” instead of “fire”

    3) A competent mime would imitate being trapped in an invisible box. This mime is lazy. He wants to be in an actual invisible box but the magician refuses to participate in such a deception.

    4) The kids vocabulary is so bad he thinks “auspicious” is something that describes his angry parents. I’m not sure if this would be funnier or not if he used a legitimate but sophisticated word. Maybe not. That’d be easy and predictable.

  9. The “pew, pew” one doesn’t work for me because although we do say “pew” we don’t use it as a verb. And well over half the time we say “pew” we are referring to cowboy sharp shooters in the old west and fewer than a third of the time are we referring to space guns.

    Besides Futurama did it better with those wind up musical guns

  10. I like the “pew pew” one. Maybe it breaks down if you think about it too much, but on first read it did give me a chuckle.

  11. Me: “The magician has made for the mime a transparent glass box.” [quoted by Stan]
    Stan: I read it as it was the mime’s glass box and he’s recruited the magician to make it invisible.

    You’re right, it could be that. Also it occurs to me it could be the magician’s own glass box (for fancy escape tricks). And he is showing it to the mime, who is shopping for something in this line, either this very one as a used item, or a new one to be commissioned.

    In all these scenarios, I think all who have been commenting agree on the backstory motivation, that the mime wants to cheat on the trapped-in-a-box routine.

  12. So in non-space opera they say, “Ready, Aim, Bang! Bang!”?

    And who are May and Andy, whose names are written in the stars?

  13. @Mitch4 “Also it occurs to me it could be the magician’s own glass box (for fancy escape tricks).”

    Actually, I like this scenario the best. You’re right though, there’s not too much difference. The joke gets there in the end.

  14. I read it as it was the mime’s glass box and he’s recruited the magician to make it invisible.

    That was my impression.

  15. @Andréa: An interesting choice for a version of that song. I knew who Conchita Wurst is, but since I try hard not to pay any attention to Eurovision, I’d never heard them sing. Good voice. I would have expected Cher or Nancy Sinatra for this one.

    But there are other Bang Bang songs, like this British New Wave number:

    And while trying to find that, I also learned that Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande (about whom I know even less than I do about Conchita) also have a song by that name. None of which is to be confused with “Boom Boom”.

  16. I never liked that song ’til I heard/saw (on YouTube, that is) this version of it. Makes me cry, don’t ask my why (hey, that rhymed). Now I’m trying to see if I can get to A’dam in Feb 2020 to see a live performance.

    I’d never even heard of EuroVision; can’t remember now what induced me to watch the 2014 version a year or so ago, but here we are . . . the serendipity of the internet.

    Just a bit of trivia, which I know we all ‘preciate; EV began in the early 1960s, it seems. It’s fun to watch some of the earlier ones, and see the evolution of technology, fireworks – whatever all that flash bang stuff is called. Is the talent any more talented? Who knows; the venue and requirements for appearing have changed so much.

    I find the audience shots interesting, too . . . AND all the controversy that surrounded the 2014 win. Despite many predictions thereof, the world did NOT come to an end after the 2014 win. It hasn’t improved any . . . and I’m am NOT getting political here, CIDUBill . . . but it didn’t end in any manner for which we can blame EU 2014.

  17. It seems to me that XKCD has made the Sci-Fi gun and “Pew! Pew!” connection in more than one comic.

    OTOH, it sure sounds like singer/songwriter Andy Pratt sings “Pew! Pew!” in the first few seconds of his classic ’70s song “Avenging Annie”.

  18. I’m not saying we *dont* refer to space guns as pew pew. In fact I’d say we *always* refer to space guns as “pew pew”. I’m saying when we say “pew pew” we aren’t always talking about space guns. In fact, we are probably talking about old west sharp shooters. Just look at all the Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert skits. They *always* say “pew pew” and the *never* mean space guns.

  19. Xkcd had that sequence (https://xkcd.com/497/) where the Ron Paul Revolution blimp meets up with Cory Doctorow’s high altitude balloon and they exchange fire: Ron Paul’s blimp going “Pew! Pew!” and Doctorow’s balloon going “Boing! Boing!”

    (Doctorow blogs at boingboing.com, whereas the Pew Charitable Trusts think tank aligns with Ron Paul libertarianism…)

  20. “Hooker recorded several later versions, including a reworking of the song as “Bang Bang Bang Bang” from his Live at Soledad Prison album and as a South Side Chicago street musician in the film The Blues Brothers, but the song itself was not included in the film soundtrack.”

  21. MinorAnnoyance –
    67 here. In high school I was upset that I waste time with lunch and having already managed to get an extra class by refusing study hall, I started volunteering in the School district’s office of “Physical Education, Art and Music” which was located in the high school. I had much experience with running the mimeo machine for the various teachers’ handouts. (One music teacher would always put “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” at the top of the page.)

    I also helped set up the varsity and JV letters for the teams at the end of the year handout of same. Not sure this did not help me pass gym also.

    But long before that in high school, my dad had a copier at home – not sure if a photocopier or not as the Xerox later at his office was a big deal. One would take the page that one wanted copied and a special treated paper and run together through a slot near the top of the machine and it would take a what seemed to be photograph of the page with a bright flash of light as they went through the machine. The two pages would come out together. The copy – which would appear to be blank, would then be fed into the lower slot of the machine and when it came it out – wet – the copy would be on the page. My job was to hang the pages up on clothesline around my parents’ bedroom as they came out of the machine so they could dry – and it smelled awful.

    Now we have – laser black & white all in one (copier, fax, printer), laser color printer, portable black and white ink jet printer, color ink jet printer (for R’s photos), and the last photocopier my dad had – a large one with stackable paper, and dry automatic copies in black and white (plus 2 other scanners). The redundancy has helped some tax seasons when one or another device goes bad and I have to change what I am using to get the work done.

    Currently I am copying papers to file for a senior citizen real estate tax exemption (saved about $8000 last year). I was doing well and copied all the 1099s and such and only had to copy the medical expenses (they can be subtracted to lower the income) when I read this year’s instructions – if one is claiming self employment income proof of income and all expenses must be included now. So I have spent part of 2 days pulling out expense payments and credit card payments to send to them – and soon Robert will be busy with a black marker to black out clients names & bank account numbers, credit card numbers and so on as I will not give same to them, as well other items listed on credit cards that are not needed as these expenses for items that are autobilled. Boy, do we need a copier.

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