1. Jokes about what businesses would benefit from the legalization of marijuana, aside from the purveyors of the stuff.

    BTW, here in Ontario, the provincial government has managed to lose $42 million in the first year of selling legal marijuana.

  2. What did the battery say to the potato chips? “If you’re Frito Lay I’m EverReady!”

    But seriously, folks … Reading the King’s line, all I can think is that’s the cartoonist responding to too many people pitching him marijuana gags.

  3. FWIW, I am associated with a professional group that recently set up both digital asset and cannabis working groups. One deals with tokens, the other with tokes. Both deal with keys, trees and have to understand hash and all time highs.

  4. I was just out in Denver and one fun game is to see what business is located right next to any given legal marijuana shop. Colorado Springs won by having a pot shop actually sharing a building with a Taco Bell. I suspect they could easily merge their drive-up windows.

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