1. So the maid cleaned up the place and replaced the painting? I thought maybe the new painting would contain the junk from the first frame, but apparently not.

  2. Argentine cartoonist Quino has been around for decades; aside from the comic strip “Mafalda” most of his cartoons are wordless and readily understood anywhere. His books are worth seeking out.

  3. Given the record player and cassette player and the four, I think, ashtrays, I imagine this is quite an old drawing. To me it looks mostly quite normal – in fact, where I am sitting I can touch a record player and a cassette player (along with a 1970s Marantz amp and a CD player plus a more modern laptop and an iPhone). No ashtrays though.

  4. Before I noticed the painting, I thought this might have been an art installation that the maid cleaned up and ruined.

  5. Taking away its entire point.

    When it was in the Art Institute of Chicago, First Hubby and I went to see it. We stepped off the elevator and practically walked into the painting; it was overwhelming.

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