1. …is…it…because…it’s called ‘Fatty Snax Deli’, and all they can see on their plate is fat rather than meat, and the chef is also fat, so they are insulting him by saying bits of him have been chopped up and served to them???

    I don’t know. Wow.

  2. Alton Brown hosts a competitive cooking show called “Chopped,” in which contestants are told they’ve been chopped when they get eliminated.

  3. dvandom has it. “Chopped” is on Food Network, but the host is Ted Allen (Brown is a guest judge on occasion). The premise is a bunch of professional chefs are given random ingredients to make an entrée out of (MacGyver cooking)

  4. @Brian in STL – and you know one contestant will use it to make ice cream, and another will make bread pudding.

    Also, Voodoo Chicken is correct regarding Ted Allen. Alton Brown is the host of “Cutthroat Kitchen,” where contestants can sabotage other contestants with such evils as taking away a key ingredient, requiring them to make all their cooking utensils out of aluminium foil, or even wear a Cone of Shame.

  5. Grawlix — she would have thought they were an absolute hoot. She liked food, she liked cooking, she liked entertainment. The competitive cooking game show is a different genre than the instructional cooking show, but I bet she’d have loved them both.

    Source — family worked for her for a number of years, and I got to hear a lot of stories about her. She was just a fun, down-for-anything kind of person.

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