1. Maybe instead of a kiss to wake a princess sleeping beauty from the spell that has sent her to sleep, Janis’s is a “spell” to keep her sleeping beauty/ sleeping ugly staying asleep. As Arlo’s expression doesn’t change, it’s not much of a spell – though her getting into bed might normally disturb him enough to wake him up without it.

    The poster image on the video you posted reminds me of a classic image of Christine Keeler on a chair after the Profumo affair, a 1961 Cold War sex-and-(possible)-security-breach scandal that rocked the British government.


  2. Your interpretations were tamer than mine. My first thought is that they made love (it is A&J after all), then she went to use the bathroom, and by the time she got back, he was already asleep.

  3. 1958fury is probably right.. she is whistling cheerfully exiting the bathroom, and he looks somewhat post-coitally spent. And it’s a rather more life- and relationship-affirming interpretation than that she is trying to keep him asleep so as not to bother her!

  4. SOMETHING has kept Arlo interested in Janis for their whole adult lives. Is it just his nature, or has she done something magical? Only Mr. Johnson knows for sure.

  5. I agree with 1958fury also. Janis is definitely smiling. BTW, the featured comment on the GoComics A&J site is basically saying this one is a CIDU for the poster.

  6. Olivier, I don’t know if that commercial has run in the USA, but thank you for posting it. It’s outstanding (even though I disapprove of buying bottled water)!

  7. The Profumo affair: “You’d think the minister of war could get a little peace.” — Victor Borge

  8. ” a 1961 Cold War sex-and-(possible)-security-breach scandal that rocked the British government. ”

    I wonder if a scandal like that would still cause people to resign in disgrace in 2019. Not in the U.S., I suspect.

  9. His current girlfriend is ensconced with him at 10 Downing Street.

    I didn’t know ’til today – reading the Bill Bryson book I mentioned earlier or in another thread – that Boris was the mayor of London at one time.

  10. In his book published in 2015, Bill Bryson writes: “At the head of it all is Mayor Boris Johnson, a man whose bumbling manner, whose very hair, is a monument to disorder.” Little did he know . . . .

    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was Mayor of London from 2008-2016.

  11. If Robert has trouble falling asleep, I go to the bathroom and read for about 20 minutes and he falls asleep – perhaps that is what Janis does.

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