1. You have the joke in its entirety.

    Since Amidala isn’t mentioned at all in the original trilogy, she didn’t already know what was going to happen.

  2. That’s the “cinnamon bun” hairdo that Princess Leia had in the original 1977 Star Wars. I don’t think Amadala ever wore anything like that. I would have thought that this somehow referred to Leia, if it didn’t say Amadala right in the text.

    And yes, I think the headline has it: He’s going to turn evil and she’s hoping that she isn’t pregnant. But of course she is.

  3. I can’t remember even the big plot points of the second-released trilogy (episodes 1, 2, and 3), let alone the chronology. Does this take place during that sequence? Who was the kid on a sandy desert planet who got good at racing a near-ground airborne kind of vehicle, and sort of cheated one away from a floating-body hook-nosed venal shopkeeper to enter a race, which he wins? Was that episode 1? The same one with Jar-Jar? Was that kid Anakin? Is the guy in the cartoon the same kid, grown up? Is he married to his sister, and their offspring will be the hero who forges the light-sabre called Nothung from a shattered one, and defeats the giant dragon? Is one of these characters Darth Vader? Is there someone around who will explain that Darth is a title, not a name? Did he have to wear that breathing device as disguise or for medical reasons?

  4. And yes, I thought Jar-Jar was a pretty offensive portrayal, even if I could not quite specify what I thought the intended target stereotype was. But I didn’t understand why there wasn’t as much criticism over what to me was an absolutely clear anti-semitic stereotype in the portrayal of the floating-body hook-nosed stingy shopkeeper.

  5. @Mitch4:


    Anakin Skywalker.





    No, but the children who are fetuses in this panel will grow up to have a brief romantic interlude in A New Hope. (Amidala is pregnant with twins.)

    Yes, you.

    Medical reasons.

  6. “No, but the children who are fetuses in this panel will grow up to have a brief romantic interlude in A New Hope. (Amidala is pregnant with twins.)”

    Unless this is a DIFFERENT pregnancy. Who knows just how long Anakin was wavering on the whole Jedi/Sith question? Maybe Luke and Leia have an older sibling. To make it super extra bonus creepy, maybe that child was left in an orphanage, on the planet Corellia, and grew up to have a Wookiee sidekick?

  7. Thank you very much, @carlfink!

    Sorry I slipped into being a grumbler! I did stick with the second trilogy enough to watch episodes 2 and 3, though at home on rental, and indeed much later episode 7 in a theater. but I never did grasp how he became Vader, and I think I dozed off during one where people were spelunking around the vast interior of a ship of some sort, and different armies were marching around on the floor, each following their own baton twirlers.

  8. I’d be willing to forgive the misplaced hairdo(o), since she had a completely different outfit for every scene in which she appeared as queen, but given that Bratton completely misunderstood (or chose to ignore) the fundamental aspects of the Skywalker family tree, misspelling her name is simply unacceptable.
    P.S. It doesn’t seem right to spend more time analysing a comic than the author spent creating his sloppy composition.

  9. Disclaimer: I’ve never seen any SW production. That said, it seemed to me that when her husband was talking all crazy, she just realized he wasn’t father material.

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