1. I’ve got no answer, but your title infected me with “Rockin’ Robin” as an earworm.

  2. Ordinarily the chicks would be saying “Tweet, tweet, tweet!“, but these kids don’t have the infrastructure for it (yet), so they are begging for equipment.
    P.S. For those who like bilingual orthographic puns:
    Q: What does a German canary say?
    A: “Billig, billig, billig!

  3. @ CaroZ – It looks like whoever submitted it scrubbed all the IDs off, so there’s no way to tell where it came from, but I think you have it, the first character is not a lowercase “i“, but an inverted exclamation point (“¡“). The standard Spanish term would be “teléfono movil“, but mechanical translation evidence suggests that “phone” has been imported to mean the same thing.

  4. I don’t know if it’s a Spanish strip, but I don’t find that the strip makes any more or less sense whether they’re saying “phone” or “iPhone.”

  5. iPhones are trendy technology. It’s funny to refer to trendy technology. So its funny to have baby birds who would cry for food cry for iPhones instead. Just like it’d be funny to have wold packs using Google Maps.

    The cartoons thinking is that those have to be funny because they fit the formula.

    Or maybe we are the ones who have it backwards. We assume they use formulas in an attempt to be funny. Maybe they use humor to use the formula and this is one of the successful ones where they use the formula right away and didn’t need to do any irritating humor.

  6. ..or one of the Tanager types (A summer tanager has no mask but not as big a tuft as this guy)

  7. Wolf packs. Not “wold packs”. Although wold packs using Google Maps are probably as funny as wolf packs using google maps……

  8. Anyone who has children between eight and eighteen years of age will understand perfectly.
    They nestlings don’t want the traditional worms — they want iPhones.

  9. joel: I understand the desire. I am not between 8 and 18, but I also would rather have an iPhone than worms [*]. But how is that a joke?

    [*] Although, I guess if I had to choose, I would rather eat worms than an iPhone.

  10. WW: The Homer Simpson Amendment to the Funny by Definition Accords of 1982 between Syndicates and Cartoonists, states, “it’s funny because it’s true”.

  11. “Are there any songs with cardinals in them?”

    “Take me out to the ballpark” sometimes does.

  12. Well interesting… A Google Reverse Image Search yielded just about nothing in regards to the comic’s origin.

  13. @ Grawlix – What happens if you try the image search using one of Google’s Spanish server addresses (like google.es) ?

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