1. A normal employee works from home by going home and doing work there. A boss “works from home” by going to an employee’s house, and telling what to do at the employee’s house.

    Not a knee-slapper, but passable IMO.

  2. “A normal employee works from home by going home and doing work there. A boss “works from home” by going to an employee’s house, and telling what to do at the employee’s house.”

    Maybe. I got that the boss has made the employee come over to his house (because boss doesn’t do anything himself, he bosses other people to do it.)

  3. Working “from home” rather than “at home” is the standard term, so “bossing from home” does imply the boss is in his own home. Nevertheless, I think the employee has come back to her own house and found her boss there – she does look a little bit surprised. As she comes through the door he should be saying “I’ll have to boss you AT home” rather than “FROM home”.

    If he had called her to come and work at his own home, she would know that before she left wherever she was and came to his house – otherwise, why would she even be there? (Well, unless maybe she was expecting dinner or something, and instead finds it’s a work assignment).

    “From home” would also work if he was at his own house and he rang her at her house, like one of those old Doris Day-Rock Hudson split screen romcoms they have been showing clips from since she died. But that’s pretty normal and doesn’t offer the creepy vibe from finding he has let himself into her house (How did he do that? Sweet-talking her partner? Climbing through an open window? Befriending a hopelessly friendly dog? Smashing in the back door?)

  4. My last boss (he didn’t like you calling him “boss”) could boss people from home. That’s what instant-messaging, email, and phones are for. Well, not much of the latter.

    I generally wouldn’t have been able to tell he wasn’t in the office except that he would set his profile to show “working remotely”.

  5. I had a different take. I see it as the employee stepping into the office at work, only to be informed her boss that he has extra work for her, meaning she’ll be working overtime, and that he’ll be going home at his regular time. He’ll then call her from his home to micromanage her.

  6. I read it as he will be home working and calling her at her home to boss her.

    I had a boss who expected me to come to every event he and his family had. I would have to take care of his daughter when needed. His wife would call me to check on me. On the other hand when I called in and said that I couldn’t come to work because my windshield wipers froze to my car window and I couldn’t drive, he said okay.

    Yeah, my dad.

  7. The “Hello again, Ms Perkins” suggests to me the boss has seen Perkins already today, all day, and now it is “this evening” and he is – surprisingly – waiting at her home planning to boss her around some more even there. The pink walls, brown front door, lawn and sky outside suggest a home environment rather than an office entrance, though it is lacking in possible home-illustrative features like a side table, flowers and picture of the family on the wall. An office is unlikely to be pink, I’d have thought, and more likely to be depicted with grey walls and office accoutrements like printer, cubicle, PC, or, as this would be the entrance lobby, perhaps even a receptionist and desk.

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