1. I suppose the seagull and the horse were both expecting a fight during which they could relax and eat popcorn while watching the show as a bysitter. But in Wallace the Brave the two erstwhile combatants realised they both had “extreme” different visions of what constituted a vehicle they could both ride, and agree to differ, with no fight. With the horse, I am guessing the two inner combatants have themselves sat down and are eating the popcorn dropping in on them, putting aside their differences and their battle until a later date or at least until they have recovered from stuffing themselves with popcorn. Different ways of dealing with potentially destructive conflict, neither really laugh-out-loud funny but both some sort of largely genial wry observation.

  2. Wallace and Spud have not “agreed” on anything, the point of this comic is that they have wildly different ideas, and each thinks his own idea will win. Adding a seagull (which frequently appear in the strip) as a third “participant” is just an additional twist on Henry’s running gag.

  3. @ narmitaj – Exactly. In the final panel, each of the three is in his own private bubble of Nirvana.
    P.S. At one point I thought I could see the gull’s beak (and eyes) poking out of the box in the fourth panel, but zooming in just now, I’m pretty sure that it was just wishful thinking.

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