1. If LLR hadn’t been included, it might’ve make a COL (Chuckle Out Loud), but unless I don’t know my fairy tales, LLR never met the TLP (Three Little Pigs). Well, in some Disney cartoon, maybe.

  2. Yes, and they have the Big Bad Wolf in common from their otherwise seemingly disjoint universes, so it’s kind of cute that they would join forces against him.

  3. I guess this is one of those “if I have to think this hard, the pay-off isn’t good enough”. The joke is putting fairy tales in the modern world the pigs and little red riding hood would sue the big bad wolf. Ha-ha… that’s a mild chuckle. But it has been done so many times that if you go to the trouble of drawing a full cartoon (a nicely drawn one at that) and make a pun about vaping and huff and puff you expect … more.

    But there isn’t any more. I think that’s all there is.

  4. Oh, and just for the record, “BBW” is widely understood as an Internet abbreviation for “Big Beautiful Woman”.

  5. When I have to inform my kids about unpleasant news (such as “bedtime” or “homework”), I sometimes borrow the title of the “Big Bad Dad“:

  6. @ CIDU Bill Now that you’ve said that, it does exist, per Rule 34 (“If it exists, or can be imagined, there is Internet porn of it”)

  7. In the FABLES comic book series, all of these characters appear. Big Bad Wolf (now mostly in human guise as Bigby Wolfe) is more or less a good (but violent) guy, having been reformed in part by the love of a good woman (Snow White), and Red is only one of a toughass messenger sisterhood known as the Riding Hoods (though she’s the only one who made it to our world; she winds up marrying the former Frog Prince). Of the Three Little Pigs, two are evil revolutionaries who, early in the saga, kill their goodie-goodie third brother, and later are executed for the murder and for being leaders of a rebellion.

    After all that, these mere vaping and “see you in court” threats seem sort of mild.

  8. I’m still not sure why they’re suing. The BBW’s catchphrase was, “Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.” As he’s the one who’s coined that phrase and is known for it, what are LRRH and pigs expecting to get out of this? How have they been wronged? Seems to me the BBW has every right to use that phrase on his merchandise.

  9. Oh, wait…are they just suing him generally for damages, and it has nothing to do with intellectual property theft? (ie Two blown down houses and an eaten grandmother). OK, if so, why is the third pig there as his house survived? Mental distress?

    Never mind.

  10. …actually, the text states that the pigs are LRRH’s lawyers. Don’t they have issues of their own with the BBW, such as property damage, and pain and suffering? Why are they representing her, and not themselves?

    Sorry everyone. Slow day at work.

  11. The BBW also (allegedly) ate LRRH’s grandma, or at the very least gained entry under false pretences and imprisoned her in a wardrobe in her own home, and compounded that by assaulting LRRH, threatening to kill and eat her. But I would have thought that was not a civil matter but a case for the police, in which case the TL Pigs would have had to be three little cops and not lawyers. At the same time, maybe other Wolfian crimes and misdemeanours should be taken into account, such as fraud and misrepresentation (the Sheep’s Clothing case), and slavery and involuntary servitude (the Wolf and the Fox case).

  12. Stan, those are exactly the questions which made me say if you need to think this hard the pay-off should be greater. The joke is that fairy tales are in the corporate legal world. That’s chuckle worthy at best but sets up an expectation of logical pairings and analogies which this strip only minimally and inconsistently provides.

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