1. Parent-shaming? Kind of funny for a second, but then reality hits.

    “Yea, that’s like me with my kid! I’m always at the office..haa, haa, haa…wait…ha..ha…sniff, sniff…The cat’s in the cradle…sniff..boooooo-hoooooo!”

    I dunno’.

  2. Is this another Take Your Kid To Work Day cartoon? The kid doesn’t just sit and observe, he joins in.

  3. There has been a trend to perceive kids as more undisciplined these days and blaming the parents. “You need to be a parent, not a friend.”. I saw this as a spin on that notion.

  4. Might this be at home, rather than the office? Instead of being a father to his son, the father spends his time doing some sort of business-y thing at a conference table that he’s brought in? Like, “Okay, besides being a friend, what ELSE isn’t a parent’s job? Regional sales manager?”

  5. The kid is sitting in the “most important guy” position at the end of the table; other folks (including presumably the father) thus consigned to the sides, which suggests to me that yes, the kid is the CEO. (Implied ageist joke about “young snots making it big in business and dominating old-fashioned old farts barely hanging on to their jobs?”) Maybe he had enough crumbs of decency left to let his father keep his job for now, but that doesn’t mean he has to listen to his old-fogey yesterdayish business ‘smarts’

  6. My first impression was along the lines ianosmond suggests. But then I looked for the table to be a dining table or at least coffee table, so this could be at home; and seeing it as undeniably an office pretty much disposed of that reading.

  7. Re-reading it, I think Shrug got it, but it’s not at all clear at first glance. I think the kid has his Dad at work to be his Dad, even though Dad thought he was there to give business advice.

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