1. Huh. Big deal – I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school (badum dum).

    Seriously, to answer Bill’s question . . . EW!!

  2. There’s two possibilities here…one, that she’s kidding herself that she actually still fits into the B & D suit, and two, that that really is the way she looked in the suit forty years ago. Either one is EW.

  3. Categorizing it as “Ew”, though, implies that there’s something disgusting or shameful about women’s bodies.

  4. I’m conflicted . . . yes, ‘EW’ would seem to imply that, but yet . . . seeing her in that outfit (costume?) . . . . OTOH, HE was wearing it, wouldn’t we also say ‘EW’? I seem to remember a previous comic wherein the roles were reversed.

  5. Agreed, Andréa… the “ew” is not “women’s bodies,” it’s “old people’s bodies.” Still not a great joke.

  6. “Ew” seems appropriate. Whether or not you think the joke is sexist, your reaction is clearly supposed to be “ew.” Otherwise there’s no joke.

  7. I also said, ‘EW!’ and I’m a little ashamed of myself. It’s not only ageist, it’s also fat-shaming. As a former fatty who struggles with weight Every. Single. GD. Day, I shouldn’t feel that way. But I do.

  8. Kind of mean. Whatever humor comes doesn’t seem worth how badly one would (or should) feel about oneself for finding it funny.

    WW doesn’t have to be EW. It could simply be the juxtaposition of sedate settled domesticity with kinky S&M. But it’s still kind of mean.

  9. woozy: But are you saying that’s actually the cartoonist’s intended joke? I think the intended joke is clearly “ew.”

    Yeah, sexist or not, it’s hard to argue with “kind of mean.”

  10. There’s no way she would still be able to fit into the bottom part of that outfit unless her figure 40 yrs ago was similar to the one she has now. If the joke is that she has gained weight, we would be looking at a LOT more old lady cheeks.

  11. But is it sexist or age-ist to criticize something inappropriate for their age or body type? I’m 26, and I’m already aware there are styles of dress I shouldn’t wear.

  12. Don’t you just hate it when cartoonists use their own personal life stories in their strip?

  13. “woozy: But are you saying that’s actually the cartoonist’s intended joke?”

    Pardon my Planet…. mmmm, yes, I think I am. If I were to make my joke that would have been it, but I wouldn’t have made that joke…. So I dunno. Were this rubes, argyle sweater, reality check, it’d say EW would definitely be the joke but incomprehensible Pardon my Planet…. I dunno.

  14. While this isn’t a CIDU, there does seem to be disagreement on the actual joke. I’m pretty much with Woozy. It’s not how she looks, it’s what’s about to happen to him, very unexpectedly.

  15. Coincidentally, “After forty years, you’ll never guess what i can still fit into” is exactly what your father says during sex.

  16. Ok, my previous comment might have been a bit much, sorry about that. I wanted to share the pain after i thought of it, and then pass around the brain bleach.

  17. conics I don’t understand: the torpedo bra still fits but it points a different direction.

  18. @ B.A.: This isn’t (I don’t think) attire intended for public consumption, so issues of “appropriate” don’t enter into it. What’s “appropriate” for use with ones partner(s) in private is whatever gets it going on. Your mom in a cheerleader outfit might not be “appropriate” in your eyes, but it might do a lot for your dad. 🙂

    As a side note, the idea of what’s “appropriate” for a body type/age certainly contains a lot of judgement of others, but that’s a wider issue.

  19. “I’m 26, and I’m already aware there are styles of dress I shouldn’t wear.”

    I am more in sympathy with this, from my quotes file:

    My bikini body is brought to you by the fact that I just put a bikini on my body, went to the beach & dealt with whatever it looked like. – Stephanie Mickus

    There may well be styles you don’t *want* to wear. But “shouldn’t” seems to imply letting others decide for you.

    I have no objection to people wanting to look good and wanting to avoid clothes that make them look bad. But *I* shouldn’t be the arbiter of what *you* wear.

  20. Not a “EW” reaction for me; in fact, I found it rather sweet.

    (Not my personal kink, but if these two consenting adults are/were into That Sort of Thing, I’m happy for them.)

  21. Since high school my weight has been UP and over the past decade or so come back down so that I actually weigh the same now as I did in high school (and I wasn’t thin then). Somehow I wear the same size now as when I was around 70 pounds heavier than I am now which is 4 sizes larger than I wore when last I was this weight.

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