1. Yep, pretty obvious to me, too. There are, of course, a lot more senses recognized today. Proprioception, pain, heat, balance, time. I’m sure there are more.

  2. It probably is humour, but before I read the comments and thought “ah yes of course”, I wondered if it was in fact proprioception, as that’s the sort of body-sense you need to deliver a pie from behind your back into someone else’s face with unerring accuracy.

    A sense of humour like this is no doubt why God sends clowns and mimes to hell even if they have not technically committed a hellworthy sin, as per the cartoon on Sunday.

  3. Sense of impending doom
    Sense of foreboding
    Sense of dread
    Sense of shame
    Sense of direction
    Sense of purpose
    Sense of responsibility
    Sense of accomplishment
    Sense of equilibrium
    Sense of duty
    Sense of right and wrong

    Road sense
    Color sense
    Fashion sense
    Common sense
    Horse sense

  4. In German, larK’s “2¢” contribution would be expressed as adding his “Senf“, which almost fits acoustically, but taken literally it means “mustard”.

  5. And in English, if the French person’s listener is skeptical about the veracity of the French person’s grain de sel, the listener takes it with a grain of salt.

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